4th International VDI Conference - Automation and Robotics in Agriculture

SAVE THE DATE – The 4th international VDI conference on Automation and Robotics in Agriculture will be held in Dusseldorf (Germany) from June 28-29, 2023. The 4th VDI Automation and Robotics in Agriculture conference is designed to provide you with an overview and update of the automation market and will look at the challenges, opportunities and developments in robotic technology that will affect the industry over the next years. In a series of interactive round tables discussions you will have the opportunity to learn from your colleagues and peers. Discuss relevant case studies and expand your professional network at this integral event for professionals working with automation and robotics in agricultural applications.

Automation and robotics: A growth industry

Thanks to robotics technology, the agricultural industry has made substantial advancements in recent years. This is particularly the case in areas such as livestock, where up to a third of farmers rely on robot-supported systems. From automated cleaning and milking to quality control of milk, for example, robotics has become an integral part of the livestock industry.

There is still great potential for future growth and further adoption of automatic systems in agricultural production. For example, robot technology has only just broken ground in plant cultivation. But considering the options for automatic harvesting, weeding, cutting, sowing, spraying, sorting and packaging, it is clear that there is still a long way to go, with a great deal of opportunity along the way.

The 4th VDI Automation and Robotics in Agriculture conference is the ideal event in which to discuss the current market situation as well as the potential for future opportunities. Find out about the benefits and challenges automation and robotics present and see which solutions can be deployed in your business. Get together with international colleagues and industry experts and learn from one another to further your own development.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2023


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address
Ole Green, Founder, Agrointelli, Denmark


Speed Networking | Make the most of this networking opportunity by participating in these quick and effective 1-to-1 interactions. Get to know the other attendees and exchange your business cards.

State of Automation


Ag Robots and full Autonomy

  • What is „Full Auto“ and how is it legal?
  • First feedback in Europe and in the US
  • What‘s next?

Gaëtan Séverac, Co-founder, Naïo Technologies, France


Beyond Level 5 Autonomy – A Real-World View of Autonomy in Farming

  • Looking beyond the hype: Cultivating a thoughtful approach to autonomous implementation based around farmer’s needs now, in 3 years and in 30 years
  • Gain insight from the lessons learned from real-world applications with some of today’s premier industrial vehicle manufacturers
  • Assess your company’s path to autonomy and how to achieve your autonomous vision

Meiko Martin, Director of Business Development – Off-Road Autonomy, Trimble Inc., United States


Successful Robot Introduction – Find the right Farm for Automation

  • With less soil available, more mouths to feed and a need for more sustainable agriculture: How can agriculture robots contribute?
  • The inherent complexity of agriculture and successful robot business cases
  • Field experience: What are key challenges for automation, market introduction and operation to bring this technical innovation to the farm?

Corné Rispens, MSc. BEng., Entrepreneur – Adoption of Agriculture Robots, DUCKSIZE, The Netherlands



Intelligent Operations & Implementations


Automation and Robotics from the Perspective of an Implement Manufacturer

  • Focus and degree of autonomy
  • Standardization and interfaces
  • Challenges for product development

Dr. Martin Follmer, Director Product Digitalisation, PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH, Austria


Trends and Technologies empowering Navigation of Ag Robots

  • Experiences in Ag robotics market (technology and market trends)
  • Safety and reliance on high precision positioning, their availability, integrity for Ag robotics application
  • How GNSS/INS can help overcome challenges inherent to Ag robotic systems
  • Discussing main use cases in Ag robotics & the fit of navigation technology

MBA Gustavo Lopez, Market Access Manager, Septentrio, Belgium


Safe environmental Perception – A Key Technology for Safety of Agricultural Robots

  • Top-down – A new approach for functional safety for Ag-robots
  • Real Environment Detection Area (REDA): Validation methodology for sensor systems in outdoor applications
  • Proof of safe functionality & productivity in outdoor area

Christian Meltebrink, Technical Industry Manager – Outdoor Automation, SICK AG, Germany


Panel Discussion: Field Robots: Safe enough to sell to every Farmer?
Moderation: René Koerhuis, Ag robotics specialist, Future Farming Magazine, The Netherlands


Networking & Coffee Break

 Growing new Technologies


Automation in Agriculture – Is the Time ripe now?

  • Needs for automation in agriculture
  • Copy paste from industry
  • Necessary preconditions for a successful automation in agriculture
  • Way of farmerswork has to change with automation

Josef Schmidt, CEO, digital workbench gmbh, Germany


Using AI for Weed Control and Crop Scouting

  • Development of weeding and scouting solution
  • How AI is used to identify and target weeds • Use of AI for crop monitoring
  • Benefits to growers in adopting smart robotics in farming

Tomàs Pieras, CTO, Earth Rover, United Kingdom


How do we grow as Innovative AgTech Start-up?

  • Know the market, think global, act local • Focus on execution
  • Leverage the core technology
  • Build strong partnerships

Martijn R. Lukaart, Founder & CEO, Odd.Bot B.V., The Netherlands


End of conference Day One

Thursday, June 29, 2023


Interactive Round Table Session

During the interactive Round Table Session, we invite you to engage directly with other experts. The discussions are interactively moderated by experts in an array of fields revolving around robitics and automation in agriculture. Discuss and identify challenges within your sector as well as problems, needs, and solutions. The focus is on the participants – Choose which topic is of most interest to you and introduce your own experiences and questions. The Round Table topics will be announced on our website prior to the event.


Networking & Coffee Break

Automating Livestock Management – Solutions & Use Cases


Precision Farming – How to keep both Farmers and Cows happy

  • Robotic milking – Lessons learned
  • Automatic body condition scoring – The importance of a good energy balance
  • Data collection and analysis

Björn Wiklander, Manager, Data Science & Machine Learning, DeLaval International AB, Sweden


Gas Monitoring and Process Control via LoRa – Eliminating Hazards through Smart Sensor Devices

  • Concept and design principles of a smart monitoring device (low energy consumption, remote data access)
  • Advantages and challenges of LoRa in agricultural environments in terms of implementation and network availability
  • Safety, sustainability and efficiency enhancement through emission control in livestock farming and pest control in silos
  • Contextual air quality data: Visualization and interpretation of sensor readings and environmental data

Andreas Nauber, New Business Development Manager, Co-Author: Silja Dennier, Head of New Business Development, both: Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA, Germany



Robotics on the Fields


Automation and Robotics Adoption

  • Experience with robots in field crops in Canada since 2020
  • What is working well and what is not • Farmers comments around adoption, their wishes and concerns
  • Future work with robots, and robotic implements

Chuck Baresich, President & Founder, Haggerty AgRobotics Company, and General Manager, Haggerty Creek Ltd., Canada


Architecture of complete Agrocycle Autonomous System for Plantations

  • Typical mechanization components for the agricultural cycle using shown for an apple plantation
  • Overview of the specifications for an autonomous system supporting the agricultural cycle
  • Introducing an autonomous agrosystem, which satisfies the required conditions illustrating this concept‘s feasibility

Dr. Mikhail Kostkin, CEO, Pek Automotive d.o.o., Slovenia


Per Plant Farming in Cereal Crops

  • The value of per plant farming
  • The required hardware, AI and software to make it work
  • Getting farmers to adopt this system

Ben Scott-Robinson, CEO, Small Robot Company, United Kingdom


Dos and Don‘ts – Practical Experiences with Robot in the Field

  • Commercial focus crop applications for robots
  • Criteria and compromises when using robots in open fields
  • Autonomy and Remote supervision of robots

Jess Pedersen, Product Specialist, Agrointelli, Denmark


Closing Remarks


End of conference

Target audience

The 4th VDI Automation and Robotics in Agriculture conference is ideal for professionals and management in OEMs and suppliers in the agricultural industry. Amongst others, this conference will be of interest to:

  • Agricultural machinery manufacturers and agricultural equipment suppliers
  • Robot manufacturers and developers with a focus on agriculture
  • Farm and industrial automation companies
  • Software developers and systems integrators
  • Agricultural sensor technology vendors
  • Mobile and field robot vendors (farming and livestock)
  • Robotics start-ups (Hardware and Software)
  • Agricultural robot research organizations
  • Agricultural business consultants
  • Government agencies
  • The investor community

Your expert for the VDI Conference

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Ole Green, Founder of Agrointelli, Denmark will be the conference chair and support the conference with his expertise.

If you have any questions about the conference programme or would like to attend next year's conference as a speaker, please contact Dr. Maria Georgiou-Smith

Are you interested in promoting your company and products at this year‘s VDI Automation and Robotics in Agriculture conference? Contact Sandra Schreiner for more details.

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International VDI Conference - Automation and Robotics in Agriculture


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Eventnumber: 12KO901

International VDI Conference - Automation and Robotics in Agriculture


Take advantage of the block of rooms we have reserved for guests at the event location on our local events. Please list VDI Wissensforum as a reference when making your hotel booking.

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