Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions in times of Corona

Will my booked event be cancelled due to the current situation or will it take place digitally?

The VDI Wissensforum is working under high pressure to hold as many events as possible digitally. Numerous seminars have already been digitized and further formats (conferences and congress) will follow digitally. Nevertheless, it is unfortunately possible that individual events may have to be cancelled. The customer centre will inform you whether your booked event will be digitised, postponed or cancelled.

What exactly is an online seminar and what does participation look like?

Our online seminars take place live. All participants can hear and see each other during the seminar and also chat. If required, the speaker can also open group rooms in which the participants can work on topics in parallel.

You will receive an e-mail the day before the seminar. The e-mail contains the dial-in data for participation in the online seminar and the exact seminar times. Normally these do not deviate from the usual seminar times. To participate, click on the invitation link in the e-mail about 15 minutes before the seminar begins and you will be taken to a virtual room. You will also get access to our download area, where you will find the speaker's presentation as a pdf file.

What technology do I need for an online seminar?

A laptop or computer including microphone is required to participate in an online seminar. A camera is another helpful tool. A headset or headphones with an integrated microphone are suitable to follow the seminar better. Currently we work with GoToMeeting. No software needs to be installed on the computer, because GoToMeeting also works web-based.

Will I receive a certificate of participation after the online seminar?

Yes, the customer center will send it promptly by mail to the address stored in the system.

General frequently asked questions

What do I need to know about my VDI voucher?

How can I redeem the voucher?

Did you receive a voucher from us? To redeem the voucher, simply enter the code listed there the next time you make a booking. The easiest way is to speak directly to the nice colleagues at our customer centre, who will be happy to redeem the voucher for you (+49 (0)2116214-201).

What can I use the voucher for and how long is it valid?

You can use the voucher for any event from our portfolio. It can be redeemed for a booking until 31 December 2021, but the date of the booked event can be later in 2021.

Is the voucher transferable or combinable?

The voucher is transferable within your company. Please note, however, that only one voucher can be redeemed per person and event – it is not possible to combine several vouchers. Likewise, the value of the voucher cannot be divided between different events.

What prices are being displayed on the website?

The prices shown are net prices.

Can I cancel my participation at an event?

Up to 14 days before the event, a cancellation fee of 50.00€ net price is due (processing fee). From 14 days before the start of the event, the entire participation fee is charged. (Attention: in individual cases there are provisions for exceptions. You will find these on the respective event page)

When do I receive the VDI member’s discount?

Only personal VDI members receive the discount. If you have a company membership, this does not affect the price level. The number of another VDI-member is not transferrable. If you are interested in becoming a member and would like to benefit from the discount, you’ll find further information here:

Can a replacement participants visit the event?

A replacement participant can be named at any time at no additional cost. Please register the replacement participant in good time at the customer centre.

Is there a registration deadline?

As long as places are available, registrations can be carried out. 

Can I just visit an event only on one instead of two days?

For conventions and conferences, this is possible on request. Please contact the customer centre for this, tel.:  0211/62 14-201.

Can I use training slips?

Training slips can be submitted and are accepted by the Wissensforum.

Can I use training vouchers?

To be able to accept funding from the Employment Agency, the company has to be certified. Since the Wissensforum is not certified, we cannot accept training vouchers.

How do I book a hotel room?

The hotel room booking is not carried out via the Wissensforum. The participant has to book separately. Costs incurred for the hotel are not included in the registration fee. For some events there is a quota with special prices which the participants can take advantage of if they book early. You’ll find all the details and information on the respective event page.

When do I get the ticket?

As a Print@Home ticket one week before the event.

Is it also possible to exhibit at events?

Please contact the customer centre in this regard, 0211/62 14-201.

Can I just visit the exhibition?

No, a visit to the exhibition area cannot be booked separately. Standard registration as an event participant is required.

Can I get a confirmation of registration

Within 10 days of sending the registration, you should have received a confirmation of registration from us by email. If this is not the case, please contact the customer centre, tel.:  0211/62 14-201.


Approx. 14 days after the conference or convention you will receive a link to the download area from us per email. In case of seminars, workshops, training courses or forums, however, this does not apply. Here you receive the documents on site.

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Please contact the customer centre, tel.: 0049 (0) 211/ 62 14-201.