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21st International VDI Congress "Dritev" - Secure your place for 2021!

The world of powertrain is currently navigating the tensions between increasing CO2 emissions in vehicle fleets, an explosive increase in drivetrain variants, cost pressure and regulatory interventions by governments. Many questions are still open and issues unresolved. That’s why companies are pursuing a variety of drivetrain strategies that will lead to a comprehensive electrification of the drivetrain, as this is the best way to be prepared for the future.

Good Reasons

Technical content – of high quality and focused

This is the one place where you can listen to more than 60 expert presentations and learn about current matters prevailing in series development of powertrains and transmissions. Following a thorough review process, it is up to the committee of experts to decide which topics will finally make it on the agenda. What matters are technical depth and level of sophistication allowing our program to add real value.

International industry meeting of the drive and transmission community

The International VDI Congress “Dritev” is one of the world’s largest automobile congresses – be part of the community in Bonn! Round about 1.300 experts with an R&D background meet every year to exchange thoughts on current developments in the field of drivetrain and transmission. It’s the ideal place to reach out to long-known fellow experts, find new project partners and pave the way to establish new business ties.

Interactive, cross-industry and cross-functional Approach

“Think out of the box“ – be prepared to take a broader view!

Get some new inspirations on a similar industry by taking a glimpse at the conferences “Powertrain solutions for commercial vehicles” which is held at the same time. Likewise, we will set up a couple of speakers cornerns where you can contribute to the debate and share valuable insights. In our Dritev Lab you will have a chance to find answers to your questions and interesting items exhibited there will make your attendance a true experience. Thus, our traditional program will be complemented with an interactive hands-on activity.

A host of information in one place - one of the largest trade exhibitions in the field of drivetrain and transmission technology in the mobile sector worldwide

With more than 100 international exhibitors the trade exhibition, which will be accompanying the large-scale conference, will allow you to get a quick comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art solutions and innovations along the entire added-value-chain. Meet project partners at the venue and benchmark your research findings.

Adding value by saving time

Meet your partners at the venue and manage to optimise project timetables. Shorten your market analyses by quickly assessing the situation in the accompanying trade exhibition. Be inspired by the expert program that is characterised by a strong focus and gain new momentum for your development efforts. One thing you can be assured of: time spent at the congress will definitely be worthwhile.

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Modular transmission systems for future BEV platform applications
Author: René Kockisch, Dr. Jörg Müller, Erik Schneider; all IAV GmbH

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Call for Papers 2022

For more information, see the Call for Papers:

Call for Papers

Exhibitor / Sponsoring

If you want to meet with and reach out to the first-rate experts attending this VDI congress and to powerfully present your products and services to the well-informed community of congress participants, please contact us.

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