The Future of Agricultural Engineering

European agriculture, both crop and animal production, currently faces major challenges such as the need to protect biodiversity, increasing bans or limitations on the use of pesticides, soil quality degradation, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the overarching challenge of climate change. To overcome these challenges, scientific and industrial research and development in agricultural and biosystems engineering, across all areas of agriculture and nutrition, must work together to offer strategic pathways and technological solutions. The AgEng-LAND.TECHNIK 2022 conference, part of both the EurAgEng AgEng and the VDI LAND.TECHNIK conference series, brings together these competences and expertise to provide an arena to connect and drive forward the needed solutions to these global challenges.

Main topics

  • Animal Production Technologies
  • Circular Biobased Economy/Sustainable Energy/Waste Management
  • Farm Buildings
  • Land, Soil and Water Engineering
  • Plant Production Technologies
  • Post-Harvest Technologies
  • Precision Agriculture/Digitalization
  • Tractors/Power Trains/Electrical Drives

The highlights of taking part

The industry get together

Discuss developments, innovations and trends with leading experts in the field.


High quality presentations

Experience new developments in the agricultural industry this year in more than 60 professional presentations and discover innovations in Animal Production Technologies, Circular Biobased Economy/Sustainable Energy/Waste Management, Farm Buildings, Land, Soil and Water Engineering, Plant Production Technologies, Post-Harvest Technologies, Precision Agriculture/Digitalization, Tractors/Power Trains/Electrical Drives.


Exchange of professional knowledge

Network with colleagues from around the world and from a variety of specializations,