What is a Technical Online Course?

A Technical Online Course is an interactive digital course dealing with a specific technical topic. The course consists of 9 single Online Trainings, all with an individual final exam. To get the final certificate (VDI certified Professional), the learner has to pass all 9 Online Trainings and the final examination. Each Online Training has a net processing time of 25-35 minutes.

The total processing time of the Technical Online Course is about 1 working day.

What is an Online Training?

An Online Training is a self-contained digital training dealing with a specific technical topic. Learners are challenged interactively and educate themselves based on gamification. The VDI Certificate of Completion can be achieved by passing single Online Trainings. Net processing time of each Online Training is about 25-35 minutes.

How do Online Trainings differ from Technical Online Courses?

Technical Online Courses consist of 9 consecutive Online Trainings. These Online Trainings can also be booked individually. Passing a single Online Course leads learners to the VDI Certificate of Completion whereas passing 9 consecutive Online Courses and the final examination lead to the VDI certified Professional Certificate.

Who are Technical Online Courses and Online Trainings designed for?

Both are suitable for learners that prefer to stay flexible in the office, at home or during their travels. Learning units include a realistic display and a game-based learning approach that allows for easy learning. Learners can integrate these learning formats into daily routines easily and therewith learn whenever knowledge is required. This learning approach is ideal for learners who like to learn at their own pace and enjoy gaming.

How to imagine a story-based Learning Concept?

Technical Online Courses and Online Trainings pursuit a story-based learning concept. The Technical Online Course includes an overall mission that learners try to accomplish during the 9 single Online Trainings. Each Online Training is self-contained and implies a sub mission of the overall mission. One example could be the following: The learner starts his new mission and becomes project manager leading an international team that wants to develop a specific car component. In each of the Online Trainings another part of this project will be brought into focus to make sure the learner can successfully complete the overall mission in the end (and pass his final exam to be a VDI certified Professional for Automotive Software Project Management).

How to participate in an Online Training or Technical Online Course?

Online Trainings or Technical Online Courses can be booked on our website. After the booking, you will receive an email with link and access data to enter the VDI Learning Management System (LMS). When entering the LMS you will find your specific course there being ready to start.

Which Payment Methods are available?

Digital learning products can be payed per invoice or credit card in the areas of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Outside these regions, VDI only allows for credit card payments.

What happens after buying a Digital Learning Product?

Directly after your purchase, you will receive access data via email and can enter your online course in the VDI Learning Management System. Please note that the course is only available for three months.

Can I book more than one Online Training at the same time?

There is the opportunity to book individual or combined Online Trainings. Should you be interested in booking 8 or 9 Online Trainings, you should decide for the Technical Online Course which will make a better deal for you.

Which professional Qualifications are necessary to start an Online Training or Technical Online Course?

Digital Learning Products do not require specific qualifications although they are based on serious business gaming concepts. Products are self-explanatory.

My Course does not start: What shall I do next?

In regard to technical breakdowns of the LMS you can contact our Univado support service. Support is available from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Does the Course include in-class Trainings?

Technical Online Courses and Online Trainings do not include in-class Trainings.

Can I pause a current Course?

A current Course can be paused within a time frame of 3 months. After 3 months from your date of purchase, access data will become invalid.

How do I finish a Course or an Online Training?

Technical Online Courses and Online Trainings include a final quiz or a final digital exam. By passing the final exam, you will receive a VDI certificate (Certificate of Completion, VDI certified Professional).

Do I receive a Certificate for every Course?

Yes. By passing individual Online Trainings, you will receive a VDI Certificate of Completion. By passing the Technical Online Course, you will receive a VDI certified Professional Certificate.

My access data has become invalid: What shall I do next?

Beyond 3 months from your date of purchase, your access data will automatically become invalid. Therefore you should pass your course within 3 months. Should your access data become invalid before, please contact the VDI support service.


To whom I speak about content-related questions?

With content-related questions you can get active in our online forum. Should you not be able to find necessary information, please contact the VDI support service.


We will process your questions to the relevant industry experts.

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