What is a Technical Online Course?

A Technical Online Course is an interactively designed digital course about a technical subject. It consists of 9 individual online training sessions, each featuring individual and digital final exams. Completing all 9 online training sessions leads to the VDI Certified Professional certificate. Each session requires approximately 25-35 minutes, with the total processing time per Technical Online Course being about one working day.

What is an online training session?

An online training session is a standalone digital training on specific technical topics, providing interactive and playfully designed learning content. Completion of each session results in a VDI Certificate of Completion, requiring about 25-35 minutes to complete.

How do online training sessions differ from Technical Online Courses?

The distinction between the two is that Technical Online Courses consist of 9 successive online training sessions, but these sessions can also be booked individually. Completing all 9 sessions and the final exam of a Technical Online Course awards the VDI Certified Professional certificate.

Who are Technical Online Courses and online training sessions suitable for?

Both are particularly suitable for learners who like to learn flexibly in the office, on the go, or at home. The learning units are realistic, playfully designed and easy to use. Learners can easily integrate the learning formats into their daily work routine and learn whenever necessary. The learning approach is also aimed at learners who want to determine their own learning pace and enjoy playfully designed learning formats.

What is a story-based learning concept?

Technical Online Courses and online training sessions follow a story-based learning concept. This means that the Technical Online Course follows an overall mission that needs to be fulfilled in 9 online training sessions. Each online training session is self-contained and includes a sub-mission that contributes to the overall goal. For example, the learner takes on the role of a project manager and manages a global team working on developing a specific automotive component. Each online training session focuses on a different subject area that the learner must master before they have fulfilled their overall mission and passed the final exam.

How can I participate in an online training session or Technical Online Course?

Online training sessions or Technical Online Courses can be booked online. Immediately after booking, you will receive a link to the VDI Learning Management System and access data by email. With the access data, you can enter the Learning Management System and complete the course/online training session stored there for you.

What are the payment options?

Digital learning formats can be paid by invoice and with credit card in DACH regions. Only credit card payment is possible outside the DACH region.

What happens after purchase?

Immediately after purchase, you will receive an access code and can use it to complete your course/online training sessions in the VDI Learning Management System. Please note that your course/online training session is only available for 3 months. After that, the code expires.

Can I book several online training sessions?

It is possible to book online training sessions individually and together. If you are interested in all 9 online training sessions, you can also book the Technical Online Course.

What qualifications are required to complete a Technical Online Course or online training session?

No special qualifications are needed to undertake these courses or sessions, making them accessible to a wide range of participants.

My course won't start. What now?

If there are technical disruptions to the Learning Management System, please feel free to contact Univado Support Service. They will help you between 9:00 – 18:00.

Are there any events that can be attended in person?

The Technical Online Course and the online training sessions exclusively digital.

Can I pause an ongoing course?

An ongoing course can be paused and resumed within 3 months from the purchase date. After 3 months, access data becomes invalid.

How do I complete a course or training?

Technical Online Course and online training sessions include a final quiz or a digital final exam that must be completed. Upon passing, you will receive a completion certificate (VDI Certificate of Completion or VDI Certified Professional).

Do I receive a certificate after each course?

Yes. Upon completion of individual online training sessions, you receive a VDI Certificate of Completion. After completing a Technical Online Course, you receive a VDI Certified Professional certificate. If you complete two Technical Online Courses, you can become a VDI Certified Specialist.

My access data has expired before I could finish the course. What now?

After 3 months from the purchase date, access data automatically expires. You should therefore complete the course within the specified time. If you have an issue with access data before the exipry date, please contact our VDI Support.

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Who can I contact with content-related questions?

For answers to content-related questions, you can first have a look in the forum. If you do not get an answer to your questions there, please feel free to contact VDI Support Service.


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