International VDI Conference - Future of AI in Automotive

  • Gain insight from case studies & best practice automotive AI use cases from around the world
  • Learn how AI can be used as a tool within the enterprise, how to manage your data efficiently & how to build an AI-powered organization
  • Discuss how to forge the path towards fully autonomous driving, how to ensure the safety & security of AI, and how to build trust in human-AI relations
  • Take your chance to engage with internationally renowned AI experts & key decision-makers – from the safety & comfort of your home or office
Future of AI in Automotive

On April 27-28, the international VDI Conference “Future of AI in Automotive” is returning for its 3rd edition! Specifically designed for the automotive industry, the event engages with new ideas, innovations, upcoming challenges and future opportunities of automotive AI. The conference offers a platform for open discussions to all relevant stakeholders and is a must for those who want to capitalize on the emerging opportunities that AI brings to the automotive sector.

AI reshaping products & processes

The possibilities of AI for the automotive industry have been discussed at length for a while now, promising better products, improved user experience, and faster innovation cycles. Now it is time to move from promises to real use cases – and there already are plenty of examples in the automotive industry where AI is having a real and positive effect on products and processes. Experiences in and around the car are being reshaped, AI-powered tools support engineers in designing and developing better vehicles, and in manufacturing AI is used to increase quality and improve operations. Immense quantities of vehicle data are being collected and managed, advances in unsupervised learning make machine learning more cost-efficient, and new approaches allow for increased privacy and data security.

I am AI – are you?

Stay on top of these developments and engage with the newest innovations in the automotive AI market, hear what OEM’s, Tier 1s and Start-Ups have to say, and exchange ideas with key industry stakeholders. The VDI Conference “Future of AI in Automotive” is the ideal opportunity to get an update on how AI is transforming the automotive sector, its opportunities for future applications, and the challenges to come.

Selection of Speakers & Moderators 2021

  • Joachim Langenwalter, Sr. Vice President Software & Hardware, Stellantis
  • Prof. Dr. Patrick van der Smagt, Director of AI Research, Volkswagen AG
  • Daniela Rittmeier, AI Portfolio Manager, BMW Group
  • Dr. Tobias Große-Puppendahl, Machine Learning Architect, Porsche AG
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maas, Scientific Director & Head of Smart Service Engineering, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI
  • Dr. Joana Hois, Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Daimler AG
  • Jörg Schrepfer, Head of Driving Assistance Research, Valeo
  • Jan Zawadzki, Head of AI, Cariad
  • Johannes Schniertshauer, Machine Learning Engineer, Audi AG
  • Dr. Jürgen Bohn, Head of Innovation Cluster Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Schaeffler AG
  • And more…

If you have any questions regarding the conference program or are interested in speaking at the event, please contact Johannes Lejeune.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Chair’s Welcome & Opening Address



AI Across the Automotive Domains

  • Software & AI in autonomous driving, cockpit, e-powertrain & connected services
  • Ingredients for success
  • War for AI talent

Joachim Langenwalter, Sr. VP SW & HW, Stellantis


Unsupervised Learning Empowers AI – Where Do We Empower Trust & Ethical Deployment?

  • Traditional supervised learning is far from intelligence – What is ahead of us?
  • Technology needs to be beneficial to its users, to society, to the environment - such care must be extended to so-called AI methodologies
  • What is AI?

Prof. Dr. Patrick van der Smagt, Director of AI Research, Volkswagen AG, Germany


Coffee Break

I. Building the AI-Powered Organisation


Leveraging the Potential of AI: The Project AI at BMW Group

  • Hub- & spokes-approach enabling the organization to leverage the full technological potential
  • AI applications relevant & under development along the value chain
  • D³ use case portfolio accelerating technology scaling across the organization

Daniela Rittmeier, AI Portfolio Manager, BMW Group, Germany


Increasing AI Maturity at Large Organizations: A Story from the Real World

  • A framework for choosing organizational structures to boost ML capabilities
  • Assessing the current status & existing challenges with ML
  • Supplementing the framework with real-world examples

Jan Zawadzki, Head of Artificial Intelligence (acting), Car.Software Org, Germany


Anchoring AI in an Automotive Supplier

  • Where AI can bring value to automotive supplier products
  • Towards a product-centric AI reference architecture from supplier perspective
  • AI as a challenge & opportunity for automotive suppliers in the context of automated & autonomous driving

Dr. Jürgen Bohn, Head of Innovation Cluster Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Schaeffler AG, Germany


Lunch Break

II. AI for Autonomous Driving


AI & Big Data Management for Autonomous Driving

  • Safer driving today begins in the data center
  • Data management & artificial intelligence
  • AV workflow challenges & pain points

Frank Kraemer, IBM Systems Architect, IBM, Germany


Deep Teaching: A Scalable AI Approach to Autonomous Driving

  • Corner case scenarios make developing safety critical AI for AD slow & costly
  • Deep Teaching reduces the cost & time of development by allowing large scale training of neural networks without the bottleneck of human annotation & by tackling training in the small data regime

Vladislav Voroninski, CEO,, USA


An Optimal Sensor Set for Automated Driving Using AI

  • Overview Valeo & sensor portfolio
  • Auomated driving sensor set & processing chain
  • Valeo AI algos for cameras, LIDAR and ultrasonic sensors

Jörg Schrepfer, Head of Driving Asistance Research Germany, Martin Simon, Harald Barth, all: VALEO Schalter & Sensoren GmbH, Germany


Coffee Break

III. Safety & Security of AI


Must AI Have Common Sense in Order to Allow Guarantees?

  • AI systems based on DL cannot be trusted with anything that has not been precisely anticipated by their designers
  • AI needs to be able to deal with problems that are novel & variations that have not been seen before
  • Some notion of common sense in AI is required to allow guaranteed behavior; promising research directions are explainable AI & hybrid AI

Dr. Christian Müller, Principal Researcher, DFKI Research Fellow, Head of Competence Center Autonomous Driving, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI, Germany


Determination & Establishment of Development Life Cycle for AI based on Automotive Cybersecurity Application

  • Adapting a secured AI architecture should be encouraged as the basic AI architectures do not provide provision against security risks
  • Performing adversarial attacks on AI should be mandatory activity as they showcase the security vulnerabilities while training and testing the AI model
  • A development life cycle with security objectives helps in mitigating security vulnerabilities in AI

Philipp Veronesi, Managing Director, Narasimha Deshpande both: CYRES Consulting Services GmbH, Germany


Panel Discussion

Data Security by Design for AI

  • Dr. Tobias Große-Puppendahl, Head of Platform Incubation Emerging Technologies, Porsche AG, Germany
  • Dr. Klaudius Kalcher, Chief Data Scientist, Mostly AI, Germany
  • Dr. Felix Schuster, Co-Founder, Edgeless Systems GmbH, Germany
  • Jan Zawadzki, Head of Artificial Intelligence (acting), Car.Software Org, Germany

Chair‘s Closing Remarks & End of Day 1

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

IV. Data Management & Data Architecture


Opening Keynote

Data & AI Organization in Groupe PSA & Data Sharing Initiatives

  • Presentation of Data & AI organization in Groupe PSA
  • Skills to set up Data Projects
  • Data projects initiatives launched: Predictive maintenance,connected cars, parts conformity...

Guillaume Gruel, Head of Engineering & Quality Data & AI Department, Matthieu Donain, Head of Openlab AI, both: Groupe PSA, France


PROMETHEA Project: Data Sharing for AI exploitation

  • PROMETHEA : A virtuous loop for the product Life Cycle
  • Definition of a standard data model leading to solutions homologation by GALIA
  • Development of prototype exploiting measurements in production according to 3 use cases (Product/Process feaseability, convergence and quality monitoring)
  • PROMETHEA Common data model based on STEP AP 242 xml overview

Alexandre Loire, Engineering Standardization Projects Director, GALIA, France


AI at the Edge: Building an Automotive Edge Computing Platform

  • Fully automated setup of clusters on on-premise hardware & operating concept for a large number of clusters
  • Self-service for platform services, multi-cluster management & centralized logging and monitoring

Dr. Tobias Bürger, Lead Big Data & AI Platform, BMW Group, Germany


Coffee Break


Breakout Sessions Directly engage with international experts in these highly interactive sessions. Discuss current challenges, needs, and solutions with your peers!

  • Manufacturing: When can we trust AI to make better decisions than humans – and what happens next? Pierre Garrot, AI Projects Director, Faurecia, France
  • Physical vs. AI (Empirical) Models, Dr. Marc Hilbert, Team Lead – Machine Learning for Engineering & Production, Volkswagen Software Innovation Center – Data: Lab Munich, Germany
  • Explainable AI: Theory and Industrial Applications, Dr. Tarek R. Besold, Head of Strategic AI at DEKRA DIGITAL

Lunch Break

V. AI for Development & Engineering


Using AI to Accelerate & Automate Automotive Development Processes

  • Unused potential for further automation in automotive R&D
  • AI can help automate similar but not identical tasks significantly
  • Example: Plausibility checks of data prior to actual task performed by a human

Dr. Mirko Knaak, Expert in Artificial Intelligence, IAV GmbH, Germany


Accelerating Product Development with AI-based Virtual Testing

  • Introduction to our company & vision
  • A platform leveraging AI for engineers
  • Virtual testing applied to engine calibration

Dr. Joël Henry, Principal Engineer, Monolith AI, UK

VI. AI for Manufacturing & Production


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Manufacturing

  • Insights into how Audi uses AI in manufacturing to increase vehicle quality
  • Requirements for scaling AI solutions
  • Success factors for bringing AI projects from proof-of-concepts into production

Johannes Schniertshauer, Lead Machine Learning Engineer, Audi AG, Germany


Coffee Break


Collaborative Learning as Enabler for Smart Automotive Services

  • Automotive edge computing as fast-developing automotive technology bringing AI technologies into & facilitating intelligent services between vehicles
  • Cars as platforms for local smart automotive services that support local communication between vehicles, but also interactions between drivers, passengers & external actors
  • Collaborative learning as extension of federated learning supporting training & usage of AI-based services locally in cars

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maaß, Scientific Director & Head of Smart Service Engineering, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI, Germany

VII. AI for HMI & UX


What It Takes to Put Conversational AI Systems Into Cars – Lessons Learned

  • Building Conversational AI assistants in cars
  • AI technology is (only) the basis
  • The crucial role of UX Research in the process
  • Experiences gained from real projects

Dr. Nils Lenke, VP & GM Apps BU, Vanessa Tobisch, both: Cerence, Germany


Explainability in Human-AI-Interaction for Automotive Systems

  • Interaction model for transparent communication
  • Customer empowerment and positive UX with explanations
  • From Explainable AI to system information for endusers

Dr.-Ing. Joana Hois, Artificial Intelligence Research, Mercedes-Benz AG, Germany


Chair‘s Closing Remarks & End of Conference

Who should attend the conference?

The conference is designed for decision-makers, technical managers, and technical experts working in the field of automotive AI, who are interested in both technical details and the broader picture. From established OEMs to new start-ups, from Tier 1 and 2 suppliers to the semiconductor industry: All stakeholders in the automotive AI ecosystem are invited to join.

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