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Source: MSE – RWTH Aachen University

From System Model to Operational Environment: Testing H2-Hybrid Drives for Mobile Machinery

To date, mobile machinery has mostly been powered by combustion engines and contributes significantly to environmental impact in Germany [1]. Increasing environmental awareness is reflected in legislation aimed at making European mobile machinery the cleanest in the world [2]. Hybrid H2 drives with battery and fuel cell promise zero well-to-wheel emissions and therefore offer the potential to meet future climate targets. However, integrating hybrid H2 FC drives into mobile machinery presents a notable challenge due to the complex mechatronic nature of these systems.

Electric Drive Design for Off-Highway Applications

Designing an electric drive system for an off-road application had new and unique challenges.  Cooling of the electric motors and integration into the tractor cooling system will be discussed below.

Source: CNH

Alternative Powertrain on Agricultural Tractors

The energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions is essential to promote sustainable agriculture. The main research areas are automation of tractors and implements, as well as the development and use of new technologies and alternative fuels such as methane, biofuels and synthetic fuels, hydrogen, and battery electric vehicles (BEV). It is becoming clear that advances in energy efficiency and propulsion technology are critical to meeting energy needs while minimizing environmental impact.

Source: IPEK-Institute of Product Engineering at KIT

Design approaches for circular economy

Design Approaches for Circular Economy – Ways to Increase Sustainability of Vehicles Source: IPEK-Institute of Product Engineering at KIT At IPEK sustainability is not only seen as a boundary...

An effective strategy for transmission loss measurement

An adaptive strategy to improve the measurement informativeness and effectiveness Laboratory experiments are broadly applied in transmission loss investigations. These measurement results are further...

Central electric drive concept for heavy duty applications

Central electric drive concept for heavy duty applications Source: J.M. Voith SE & Co. KG Enhancing the electrification of existing commercial vehicle platforms by an innovative drive concept...

Source: L. Becker, Chair IFA, Ruhr-University Bochum

Advantages and optimization of crossed helical gears with steel worm and plastic wheel

Today, industry is mostly using crossed helical gears with steel worm and plastic wheel. The behavior of plastic in gears has been studied in scientific work.

Validation of evaluation algorithms for cylindrical involute gears

Cylindrical involute gears are measured on a broad variety of coordinate measuring machines. The quality inspection includes the measurement of profiles, helices and pitch points on the spur or helical gear flanks.

Figure 1: Different failure modes for polymer gears: (a) thermal degradation, (b) root fatigue, (c) flank fatigue, (d) tooth deformation and flank wear.

Evaluation of polymer materials for high-performance polymer-gear design

Gearboxes, actuators and other systems that employ polymer gears are being used in an ever-increasing number of applications.