7th International VDI Conference - Cyber Security for Vehicles

  • Expert presentations & interactive sessions on technical challenges, current developments & the newest solutions for automotive security
  • Meet technical experts & key decision-makers from leading OEMs & suppliers
  • Extensive networking opportunities during roundtable discussions & networking breaks.
VDI Conference - Cyber Security for Vehicles

On June 22-23, 2021, the International VDI Conference - Cyber Security for Vehicles will take place for the 7th time! Join technical experts and key decision-makers from leading OEMs & suppliers to discuss technical challenges, stay up-to date on current developments & explore the newest solutions for automotive security.

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Vehicles are increasingly becoming connected mobile computers. This means that automotive manufacturers are as much software companies as they are producers of hardware. That’s why cyber security should be a major concern for the automotive industry. However, in a recent survey, 84% of respondents said that industry practices are not keeping pace with the ever-evolving security landscape. The VDI Conference - Cyber Security for Vehicles will allow you to stay ahead of the curve. Make use of interactive roundtable discussions, hands-on workshops, and in-depth presentations to broaden your knowledge and connect with the right people from the whole automotive security ecosystem.

Topics, Speakers and Agenda

Participants will profit from innovative ideas, latest case studies, interactive discussions and reports from current pilot projects.

Focus Areas 2021

  • Regulations & standards, implementation & best practices
  • Security engineering, security governance, security throughout the system life-cycle
  • Secure architectures, security for automated & electric vehicles
  • Safety-security interaction, the convergence of embedded & IT security
  • AI & security, crypto-agility, security of cloud-based functions
  • Intrusion & anomaly detection systems, forensics & analytics
  • Incident response, penetration testing, methodology & tools

Selection of Confirmed Speakers 2021

  • Pierre Gachon, Director IT Security, Renault SAS
  • Josef Wagenhuber, Automotive Security Expert, BMW Group
  • Michael Eisenbarth, Head of Cyber Security Lab, ZF Friedrichshafen AG
  • Florian Stahl, Senior Cyber Security Expert, AVL Germany GmbH
  • Robert Kaster, Chief Technical Expert, Robert Bosch LLC
  • David Yu, VP of Engineering, AICC Silicon Valley, AICC Inc.
  • Falk Langer, Team Lead Vehicle Software Solutions, IAV GmbH
  • Timo van Roermund, Technical Director Automotive Security, NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH
  • Christophe Jouvray, Cybersecurity & Privacy Expert, Valeo SAS
  • Hosnieh Rafiee, Security Expert, Volkswagen AG
  • Tim Leinmüller, Senior Technical Manager, Head of Fundamental Technology R&D, Denso Automotive Germany GmbH

If you have any questions about the program or are interested in becoming a speaker at one of our conferences, please contact Katharina Neumann.

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Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome & Opening Address
Dr. Markus Tschersich, Head of Security & Privacy Research and Governance, Continental AG, Germany

I. Regulations, Standards & Processes


Opening Keynote

Impact of Cyber Security Regulations on an OEM

  • Impact on processes
  • Impact on risk management
  • Technical impacts on vehicles

Pierre Gachon, Cybersecurity Expert Leader, Groupe Renault, France


Automotive Cyber Security Technology Innovations in Times of UNECE Regulations

  • How UNECE (IEC 21434) not only affects processes but also technology innovation
  • Robustness of ADAS against adversarial attacks on AI-based systems
  • What cyber security can do for AI & vice versa

Michael Eisenbarth, Head of Cyber Security Research Lab, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany


Compliance with ISO/SAE 21434 – A Semiconductor Supplier‘s Perspective

  • Implementing the requirements in our policies & procedures
  • Applying the requirements to components developed out-of-context
  • Practical experience & challenges

Timo van Roermund, Director Automotive Security, NXP Semiconductors, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break


Cyber Security Management Systems vs. Information Security Management Systems – Two Sides of the Same Coin?

  • CSMS as a connector between Vehicle and IT World
  • ISMS/CSMS/QMS – differentiation and comparability
  • Automotive-SMS – a combination approach to use synergies

Alexander Ersoy, Head of Automotive Cybersecurity Regulations & Policies, Miriam Gruber, Chief Security Architect, both: CARIAD, Germany


Security Architecture for Intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICVs) and in China Market

  • Cyber Security in SDVs and ICVs – The Trends and Challenges
  • Security Architecture for ICVs – A Multilayered, Multi-dimension Approach
  • Standards and Ecosystem in China Domestic Market

David Yu, VP of Engineering, AICC Inc., USA



II. Secure Architectures


Best Practices for Building Security Protocols

  • Security protocols, e.g. authentication, key establishment or key transport, are at the heart of modern communication systems
  • Careful design of a security protocol is crucial: Flawed protocols cause severe vulnerabilities which completely destroy security even in the case of a perfect implementation or an unbroken cryptosystem
  • Guidelines & best practices for building security protocols, useful also for the automotive domain, which avoid the most common mistakes

Dr. Josef Wagenhuber, Specialist Development, BMW Group, Germany


Starting up MACsec for Automotive Ethernet

  • MACsec can protect many more messages than other solutions – does this make it the best solution?
  • What key exchange options exist & what are their implications
  • Finding the missing pieces – startup performance & optimization options

Dr. Lars Völker, Technical Fellow, Technica Engineering GmbH, Germany


Interactive World Café Sessions

Directly engage with international experts in these highly interactive sessions. Discuss current challenges, needs, and solutions with your peers!

• Optimal Integration of Security in a Company, Stefan Römmele, Head of Security & Privacy Competence Center, Continental AG, Germany

• Requirements & Needs for Future Security Architectures, Miriam Gruber, Chief Security Architect, CARIAD, Germany

• Automated Security Testing in Agile Product Development, Rakshith Amarnath, R&D Project Lead, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break

III. Intrusion & Anomaly Detection


An AUTOSAR-Based Solution for Automotive Intrusion Detection Systems

  • Challenges that have prevented the broad adoption of automotive IDS in the industry
  • The standardized technical infrastructure & protocols for IDS released with the latest AUTOSAR version
  • The opportunity for reducing the cost & effort for implementing automotive IDS

Dr. Eduard Metzker, Principal Solution Manager, Vector Informatik GmbH, Germany


Intrusion Detection for SOME/IP: Challenges & Opportunities

  • Scarcity of published work on intrusion detection in cars, in particular for service-oriented communication
  • Discussion of selected challenges & opportunities for intrusion detection in SOME/IP
  • Proposal of an architecture for a SOME/IP intrusion detection system, discussion of its security properties & report of preliminary experimental results

Dr. Paul Duplys, Program Lead „Security, Privacy & Safety“ & Senior Manager, co-author: Tobias Gehrmann, Security Researcher, all: Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany


Intrusion & Anomaly Detection in Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS)

  • Overview: C-ITS Security (as part of overall vehicle cyber security)
  • Overview of intrusion & anomaly detection in C-ITS
  • Principles and framework(s)

Tim Leinmüller, Manager Corporate R&D, Denso International Europe, Germany


End of Conference Day 1


IV. V2X Security & Privacy


Security & Privacy Challenges of Connected Vehicles to Cloud Based Infrastructures & Services

  • Cloud based infrastructure for connected vehicles & security issues
  • Privacy & security of cloud based services & impact on automotive areas
  • Tools for & attacks on cloud based infrastructures
  • Role of regulations

Dr. Hosnieh Rafiee, Mainframe Group / Security Expert in Automotive, Cloud & IT Systems, Volkswagen AG, Germany


The Privacy Paradox in Automated & Connected Vehicles

  • 64% see data privacy as a criterion when buying a new car
  • In practice most modern cars do not implement privacy by design
  • How to improve privacy in vehicles with organizational & technical measures

Florian Stahl, Principal Consultant, msg systems ag, Germany


Towards a Common Cybersecurity ITS Model

  • Model-based engineering
  • Homogenization of ITS standards
  • Ecosystem or system of system viewpoint

Dr. Christophe Jouvray, Product Cybersecurity Regulation & Norms Manager, Valeo SA, Antonio Kung, CEO, Trialog, all: France


Networking & Coffee Break

V. Threat & Risk Assessment


The CTI – Cybersecurity of Intelligent Transportation Project & Its Method for Risk Analysis

  • Project consortium, three industries: automotive, railway & aeronautics
  • Project approach: cyber security add-ons to all phases of product’s lifecycle
  • Project outcomes: secure and supervised architecture, validation methodology
  • Focus on Computer Aided Risk Analysis & autonomous car use case

Dr. Witold Klaudel, Research Project Leader, co-author: Dr. Artur Rataj, Senior Researcher, both: Institute for Technological Research (IRT) SystemX, France


Threat Analysis Methods & Tools

  • Automating automotive cyber security risk identification & assessment
  • Reuse of assets & upkeep of threat information
  • Identification of attack paths & rating of attack likelihood

Christoph Schmittner, Safety & Security Engineering, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria



VI. Incident Management & Response


Cyber Secure Monitoring and Incident Response for Vehicular Systems

  • Introduction & motivation of security monitoring & secure operation centers for vehicle fleets
  • Challenges in incidence response for safety critical systems; translation of fail-safe and fail-operational concepts to incidence response
  • Exemplification of the incidence response processes containment, recovery & eradication for vehicles

Prof. Dr. Falk Langer, Team Manager Connected Software Systems & Services, co-author: Lukas Stahlbock, Systems Engineer, all: IAV GmbH, Germany


Investigating a Real Life Vehicle Security Incident in a Vehicle Security Operation Center (VSOC) Solution using Threat Intelligence

  • Demonstration of a real life investigation of a vehicle security incident
  • See how threat intelligence is used as a data source in the investigation rather than just a mechanism for alerts

Adi Dubin, Director of Product Management, Argus Cyber Security Ltd., Israel


Networking & Coffee Break


The Auto-ISAC and its Approach to Improving Automotive Security

  • What is an ISAC & how does the Auto-ISAC work?  
  • Success stories from the Auto-ISAC & examples of sharing within the AutoISAC

Robert Kaster, Chief Technical Expert, Dr. Martin Emele, VP Cybersecurity, both Robert Bosch LLC., Auto-ISAC Global Task Force Europe Chair, USA


Harmonizing Cybersecurity Across the Automotive Ecosystem

  • Need for a new, comprehensive approach to automotive cybersecurity lifecycle management that enables harmonized communication across the entire ecosystem.
  • Proposal of a practical, uncomplicated approach to cybersecurity lifecycle management that enables vertical integration, empowers OEMs & Tier 1s to own every step of the security lifecycle & equips them with the agility required to identify & respond to attacks quickly

David Mor Ofek, Productmanager, C2A Security, Jersusalem, Isreal


Chair‘s Closing Remarks


End of Conference

Who should attend the Cyber Security for Vehicles Conference?

Talk with the right people to broaden your views, explore new partnerships and stay ahead of the curve. This technical conference is tailored to security experts and managers from OEMs, Tier 1&2s, software and IT companies, including:

  • Cyber- & IT-Security Specialists
  • Security Architects & Engineers
  • Software Developers & Engineers
  • CTOs and CIOs

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Dr. Christian Köbel Honda R & D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH / Offenbach

Prof. Dr. Christoph Krauß Fraunhofer-Institut für Sichere Informationstechnologie SIT / Darmstadt

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