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IT Security Training

From Industrial Plants to the Connected Car – Protect Your Networks

Digitalization is making its way into almost all industries. Increasing digital connectivity therefore begs the question as to how companies can protect their data and systems from cyberattacks. High levels of process and system automation mean that production facilities and processes in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, the chemical industry and electrical industry are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. The automotive industry is particularly affected, as IT security also plays a central role in the automobile of the future – the connected car. VDI Wissensforum offers you a wide range of advanced training courses on IT security in facilities and vehicles.

Your benefits

  • Find out about current trends, threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Benefit from the knowledge of leading industry experts.
  • Learn about suitable security measures for your network.
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IT security as a central prerequisite for Industry 4.0 and the Connected Car.

Increasing digital connectivity, smart devices and machines that coordinate themselves independently make Industry 4.0 and the "connected car" an ideal target for cyber espionage and sabotage. Consequently, an effective IT security concept is essential.

However, extensive know-how is necessary to implement such a concept. You need to know what current threats and vulnerabilities occur in IT networks, which industrial areas can be affected, and what measures you can take to protect your network from cyberattacks. It is also important to know the legal framework of IT security and data protection within the frame of Industry 4.0 and the "Connected Car". Advanced training courses on IT security offered by VDI Wissensforum, will give you the necessary knowledge to ensure protection that lasts.

Our IT Security training courses

Benefit from the expertise of our speakers in our seminars, conferences and meetings and acquire extensive basic as well as detailed knowledge in IT security. In addition to events such as "IT Security in Production" and "Industrial IT Security", we also offer advanced training on IT security in cars. VDI Wissensforum stands for sustainability, practical relevance and uncompromising quality. Find out for yourself and acquire valuable know-how from our advanced IT security training sessions.

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