[Translate to English:] Methoden des technischen Projektmanagements

Methods of technical project management

Train to become a VDI certified professional for technical project management

Are you responsible for managing a technical project for the first time and now want to develop your methodological skills? In order to successfully fulfil your role in project management, you must always keep track of the progress and resources of your project in order to counteract deviations or challenges with appropriate measures. But all beginnings are difficult - how do you ensure the best possible conditions for a successful project right from the start?

The technical online course "Methods of technical project management" offers you the perfect introduction to all relevant topics and contents! Complete the online course and become a professional for this topic. Within the framework of 4 basic training courses, you will learn efficient methods for successful management of technical projects in your everyday professional life. After successfully passing all 4 online training courses as well as the digital final exam, you will receive a certificate as a VDI certified professional.

In addition, all tools and documents presented within the TOC are available for download free of charge on our LMS platform!

The TOC provides you with interdisciplinary technical and methodological knowledge in the areas of:

Who should participate?

The VDI knowledge forum's TOC "Methods of technical project management" is aimed at all specialists, project managers and engineers who want to build up methodological skills for technical projects.

Your advantages as a participant of the technical online course

  • You will acquire sound beginner's knowledge of the subject area of technical project management
  • The interactive learning simulation enables rapid knowledge retention
  • You will receive a recognised VDI certificate

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Course number: 08DP031

Methods of Technical Project Management

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