Automotive Software Project Management

Automotive Software Project Management

Become qualified as a VDI-certified professional for automotive software project management

The automotive industry relies intensively on project work. Professional staff are required to managed new projects, initiated for new vehicles, components or modules. The car is much more than just a mode of transport nowadays. Digitalization turns it into a substantially more sophisticated product, which brings a huge amount of effort in terms of coordination and approval with it. For example, numerous software projects bring new challenges that need to be overcome.

This is where the new Automotive Software Project Management Technical Online Course comes in. Complete it and become a professional in this area. 10 basic training units will give you the perfect introduction into the next automotive software project. When you complete the digital final exam, you will become a VDI certified professional and receive a certificate confirming your new knowledge.

This online course will provide you with interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

Who should take part

The Automotive Software Project Management Technical Online Course is particularly useful for the following people:

  • Newcomers and novices in the area of E/E systems
  • Development engineers
  • Project leaders and managers
  • Organization developers
  • Employees from software and consulting companies

Your benefits As a participant of this online course:

  • You will receive a recognized VDI certificate
  • You will acquire a good level of basic knowledge about automotive software projects in a short period of time
  • You will profit from the playful and story-based nature of the online training, which provides for fast knowledge preservation
  • You can open and work on the online training from anywhere and be completely flexible
  • You can integrate short micro learnings into your daily routine, allowing you to continue your further education whenever you like in free time

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Course number: 01DP001

Digital Specialist TOC - Automotive Software

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