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Hygiene & safety at face-to-face events

We look forward to welcoming you again at our face-to-face events! Since the health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority, we have developed a hygiene and safety concept to make our events corona-safe.

In general: We follow the official requirements for infection control to contain "Covid-19" and implement at least the prescribed hygiene measures for events in this regard. Please familiarize yourself with the current hygiene and safety regulations before the event and comply with them so that you can enjoy a relaxed event on site. The information on this page will be updated regularly.

1. Access restriction and ‘3G/2G/2G+’ control

1.1 Currently lifted

1.2 Further information

Since official regulations differ and change regionally, the rules at our events vary. An overview of the regulations per state can be found below. We make every effort to keep these up to date. 

However, we also appeal to your personal responsibility here to inform yourself about the resolution situation at the event location.

1.3 Mandatory wearing masks: 

There is a mask obligation, if necessary also FFP2 mask obligation, at the events of the VDI Wissensforum GmbH. Should this also apply to wear a mask at the seat, you will find information on this in the table below. If you have an exemption from the mask obligation, a prior agreement (at least one working day before) with the VDI Wissensforum is necessary. In the case of such an exemption, a face shield must then be worn at the event.

2. Contact tracking

Currently lifted

3. Hotels and room utilization

Our partner hotels and event locations assure us a comprehensive hygiene and room concept. The room sizes generally allow the safety distance of at least 1.5 meters to be maintained.
An appropriate gastronomic concept guarantees that coffee breaks and lunches can take place in accordance with legal requirements and recommendations.

4. Short-term changes

Due to a changing infection situation, changes in the on-site organization or cancellation of events may occur. Short-term changes in access restrictions are also possible. Please inform yourself about the currently valid Corona protection measures of the individual federal states and municipalities.

5. Recommendation of the organiser: 

There is a general mask obligation (medical or FFP2 mask) for all participants. At fixed seating areas, the mask may normally be removed. For stricter rules, please refer to the overview at the end of this page.

6. Distance regulation

We would like to ask you to observe the generally applicable distance regulations. In order to be able to guarantee this in the hall as well, we have reduced our number of seats in the event rooms if necessary.

7. Hygiene rules of the location

Please observe the generally applicable safety and hygiene rules of the location. These are posted on site.

8. Your personal responsibility

  • Please pay attention, also in the sense of your personal responsibility, to the observance of the hygiene rules.
  • Stay at home in case of cold & flu symptoms.
  • Wear mouth-nose protection - please observe the recommended wearing time of the mouth-nose protection.
  • Keep distance, at least 1.5 meters - if possible
  • Wash hands, with soap & at least 20 seconds
  • Refrain from shaking hands
  • Cough hygienically into the crook of your arm
  • Please also check whether you belong to the risk group and decide on your own responsibility, whether it is possible for you to participate in a face-to-face event.
  • Please take your own responsibility to inform yourself in advance about the resolution situation at the venue.

9. Exclusion of persons

Excluded from attending and participating in our events are persons who
exhibit cold or similar symptoms that may correspond to Covid-19 disease.
The exclusion of participants also applies to persons who refuse to wear a mask (for possible mask exemption see paragraph 1.2) in the case of a hotspot regulation. 

If you develop symptoms during the event, please contact us directly and, if possible, have yourself tested at a citizen test centre. You must then leave the event immediately.

Corona regulations at our events by federal state