The Dritev Congress

What makes the congress stand out?

The technical program

The supporting core element of the International VDI Congress "Dritev" is its technical program. Judged and selected by experts in advance, the technical presentations reflect the current challenges in the pre- and series development of hybrid and electrified powertrains and transmissions. This is the reason why you will only find the presentations on the really important development topics here - this year with the special opportunity to listen to the technical presentations whenever you have time. Dritev digital makes it possible!

The cross-functional approach

In recent years, the development of the powertrain in passenger cars has increasingly followed an overall system-focused approach, especially against the background of the increasing electrification of the powertrain. The fields of power electronics and e-motors have thus gained greater visibility in powertrain development, which system designers in particular are focusing on. The parallel running conference "EDrive" follows this technical expansion and is therefore the ideal platform to broaden the perspective and to be inspired by ideas from related subject areas.

The congress as an industry meeting place

Here you will meet everyone - from decision-makers at management level to technical specialists. The congress is an established meeting place for powertrain and transmission developers from the automotive industry since 30 years. It is the best opportunity for you to meet project partners and make new contacts on a long-term basis. Versatile interactive functions, such as live chats, enable you to exchange ideas directly at Dritev digital.