9th International VDI Conference - Connected Off-Highway Machines

Course number: 01KO902

  • Learn more about the impact of the Digital Transformation on the Off-Highway Industry 
  • Find out about current developments in the area of Connectivity and Data Management, as well as Remote Monitoring and Autonomy
  • Meet peers from the agricultural, mining and construction Industry and discuss latest findings and trends
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17. – 18. September 2024


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On September 17-18, 2024  our 9th international conference on “Connected Off-Highway Machines” will take place in Munich to discuss new technologies revolutionizing the industry. In the Off-Highway Industry mobile machines become increasingly connected and drive (semi-) autonomously already. They increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and making working conditions in harsh environments safer. Our international VDI conference offers an ideal platform to discuss latest technology trends with international experts.

Smart Future for the Off-Highway Industry?

All major players of the Off-Highway Industry are working on smart technologies and solutions. Automation, connectivity and digital processes have many benefits. However, there are still many challenges and questions ahead: How do connectivity and automation impact business models? How to really benefit from Big Data? How to integrate artificial intelligence in Off-Highway Machines? When and how will fully Autonomous Off-Highway Machines become a reality? How does the role of the worker change?


  • Learn more about the impact of the Digital Transformation on the Off-Highway Industry 
  • Find out about current developments in the area of Connectivity and Data Management, as well as Remote Monitoring and Autonomy
  • Meet peers from the agricultural, mining and construction Industry and discuss latest findings and trends
  • Register for the “Connected Off-Highway Machines” conference and visit our parallel conference “Electrified Off-Highway Machines” free of extra charge


If you have any questions regarding the conference program or you want to become a speaker at future events, please contact Annick Cathrin Braun.


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address

I. Digital Innovation & Connectivity in Off-Highway


Digital Innovation for Lifting Solutions

  • Innovation Process along the Customer Journey
  • Application of Advanced Analytics & AI
  • Extended Reality & Data Augmentation
    Dr. Christoph Gugg , Lead Digital Innovation, PALFINGER AG, Austria

Field Connectivity for Off-Highway Vehicles

  • Enabling reliable and seamless connectivity
  • Performance of cellular and Wi-Fi
  • Enabling precision positioning from radio and NTRIP
    Dr.-Ing. Heikki Keränen, Head of Technology, Satel, Finland

Harnessing Satellite Power for Off-Highway Machine Connectivity

  • The Power of Satellite in Off-Highway Machine Connectivity:  Revolutionizing real-time data transmission and remote monitoring
  • Real-world examples of how satellite technology enhances fleet management, operational efficiency, and safety
  • Insights into multi orbit satellite networks, including GEO and NGSO systems, and share on terminal developments optimized for off-highway machine connectivity
    Charlie Coates, Senior Principal Market Development Manager, Land Mobility Business Development, Intelsat, USA

Networking & Coffee Break

II. Autonomous Systems (1)


Next Generation 4D Imaging Radar Technology Applied to Agricultural Automation and Autonomy Applications

  • 4D imaging radar technology in agriculture
  • Localization in Vineyards using radar to guide semi and autonomous vehicles
  • Detection of objects based on radar in an agricultural environment
    Tommy Ertbølle Madsen, CEO and Co-Founder, Co-authors: Christian Metz, Antoni Benavent, all of AgriRobot, Denmark

e-Tractor as Edge Device – Autonomy and Teleoperation

  • Embedded systems - IoT gateway
  • Tractor API
  • Human in the loop
    Wofgang Hollerweger, Principal Software & Functions Engineer, AVL List GmbH, Austria


III. Software Integration and Extended Reality


TheiaXR - Making the Invisible Visible though Extended Reality

  • Exploring the role of XR technologies for cabin-based and teleoperation applications
  • Demonstrating XR technlogy application in real work environment
  • Discussing the potential of XR of operation performance based on usability, situation awareness, attention and workload
  • Outlining further evaulation activities
    Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Lorenz, Chair of Industrial Design Engineering, Research Associate, Co-author: Dr.-Ing Volker Waurich, both of Technische Universität Dresden

Rust Integration Based on Interoperability in Existing Software

  • Weaknesses of common programming languages such as C/C++ require numerous tools to meet normative, regulatory and quality requirements
  • Fast development cycles can no longer be achieved without compromising quality
  • Rust has the potential and the innovative strength to become the leading language in modern software development
  • A complete migration of existing software to Rust is costly, there is an interest in partial integration
    Christopher Schwager, M.Sc., Senior Expert Real Time Architectures, ITK Engineering GmbH, Germany

Holistic Development for Future Construction Machinery

  • Virtual prototyping approaches for automated solutions
  • Motion control and sensor technologies
  • Interoperability for connected and automated fleets of construction machinery
    Dr.-Ing. Volker Waurich, Construction Future Lab gGmbH (CFLab), Germany

Networking & Coffee Break


Interactive World Café Session

During the interactive World Café Session, we invite you to directly engage with other experts. It is an interactively moderated discussion on different topics. Discuss and identify challenges within your sector as well as problems, needs and solutions.


End of conference



At the end of the first conference day, we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere at our conference dinner for indepth conversations with other participants and speakers.


Chair’s Welcome

IV. Autonomous Systems (2)


A Foundation Model for Perception Tasks in Diverse Environments

  • Building a database for perception tasks in low-volume applications, e.g. construction and agriculture
  • Leverage data from various sources for cost-savings and faster go-to-market
  • Development of multitask detection models for robustness
    Dr. Felix Nobis, Perception Lead, driveblocks GmbH, Germany

Functional Safety Certified SAE Layer 4 Mixed Traffic Autonomy for Off-Highway Applications

  • Functional Safety and environment perception
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Autonomy and Assistance Systems
  • Off highway SAE layer 4 functional safe autonomy
    Dipl. Ing. Christoph Mueller, PhD, CEO, MobileTronics GmbH, Germany

Pioneering Situation-aware Autonomy and Safety for Off-Highway Machinery in Unpredictable Terrain

  • Safety of machinery depends on the situational context
  • Perception performance increases through simultaneous bottom-up and top-down processing
  • Perceptive interaction allows for reacting to unforeseen events and disturbances
    Dr. Patrick Wolf, Senior Safety Engineer, Fraunhofer IESE, Germany

Networking & Coffee Break


From the Future to the Field: Lessons from Deploying a Commercial Spot Spraying Technology in Europe

  • Overview of the Technology: spot spraying and its significance in promoting sustainable and efficient agricultural practices with the example of ONE SMART SPRAY
  • Addressing Challenges: technical and operational hurdles faced during the project‘s life span, alongside the adaptive strategies and solutions
  • European LIFE Project Insights
  • Next Steps on commercialization of Smart Herbicide Application Technologies in Europe
    Janis Faltmann, Head of Region Europe, ONE SMART SPRAY a Joint Venture between Bosch and BASF, Germany

V. Data Management & Regulations


AI Needs a Solid Data Platform

  • Data for AI model training must be high performance, flexible, and scalable.
  • Data helps AI models identify and extract meaningful features from input data.
  • Quality and depth of training data significantly impact the success of AI models.
    Frank Kraemer, Systems Architect, IBM, Germany



AI, Connect and Cyber Security – The balance between Feature, Function and Risk

  • Introduction into the risk, which comes with various new technologies
  • Besides to interfaces and connectivity the main focus is of attackers view to AI
  • Overview about various regulations that may or may not have an influence to this market segment in the future
    Marcus Klische, MHP Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH, Germany

From Vision Technology to Smart Perception: The Role of Generative AI

  • The impact of recent advancements in Generative AI on the off-road industry
  • Improving workplace safety using perception technology
  • How to leveraging vision technology to boost workplace efficiency?
    Pedro Ribeiro, Innovation Expert, Blaxtair, France

Facing regulatory challenges for Off-Highway Machines: Lessons Learned from the automotive world

  • Upcoming Safety and Cybersecurity regulation from EU will hit the machinery industry
  • Challenges will be on the process, method and tool, but also on operational level
  • Since the automotive industry had these challenges recently - there are best practices and lessons learned which can be reused
    Georg Graupner, Managing Consultant Cybersecurity for Automotive and connected fleet industries, NTT DATA Deutschland SE, Germany

Closing Remarks


End of conference

Target Group

The "Connected Off-Highway Machines" Conference is aimed at engineers, technologists, designers and specialists from mobile machine manufacturers and suppliers of the off-highway industry, in particular managers and staff from:

  • Software development
  • Mobile machine control Solutions
  • Communication technologies Departments
  • Electric and electronics systems
  • Telematics, drivers assistance Systems

This international conference provides a professional forum for all experts who are working in the fields of Connected Off-Highway Machines, Automation and IT for mobile machines to exchange experiences and ideas.

Supporting Experts:

  • Martin Frank, Senior Specialist Smart Systems, Research Program Owner, Volvo Construction Equipment Germany GmbH, Germany
  • Eugen Schobesberger, Managing Director, Liebherr-EMtec GmbH, Germany
  • Dan Danford, Global Industry Relations Manager, CNH Industrial America LLC,USA
  • Ove Lührs, Director of Autonomy, Topcon Agriculture, Germany
  • Dr. Patrick Wolf, Senior Safety Engineer, Fraunhofer IESE, Germany


  • dSPACE GmbH
  • IPG Automotive GmbH
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Course number: 01KO902

International VDI Conference - Connected Off-Highway Machines

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