International VDI Conference - Automotive Software Ecosystem

Course number: 01KO964

  • Deep understanding of the complex automotive software ecosystem and its impact on the industry
  • Overview of trends, developments and best practices in the field of automotive software development and integration
  • Access to the parallel conference "Software Solutions for Commercial Vehicles" included

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The international VDI "Automotive Software Ecosystem" conference addresses the growing importance of software in modern vehicles. In view of the increasing variety of functions, the need for hardware-software interaction and rapid technological advances, the conference focuses on the complex challenges of software development, integration and safety in the automotive industry. Renowned experts from industry and academia will present the latest solutions and best practice in automotive software development and help you update your knowledge in one of the key areas in the automotive industry.

Efficient collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers and developers

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a rapid transformation process. Software is particularly important in this process. That’s because an increasing amount of driving and comfort functions in modern, connected vehicles are controlled by software. A complex ecosystem of industry players is required for their development. Manufacturers, suppliers and developers must work together closely to create innovative and secure software solutions for the automotive sector. Open-source initiatives should be established and industry standards should be jointly developed and adhered to for smooth interoperability of systems and more efficient software development.

Engineers, developers and experts who want to be successful in this complex environment need comprehensive expertise. The international VDI "Automotive Software Ecosystem" conference will help you to gain a better understanding of the complex interplay between various players and processes in the automotive software ecosystem. You will also get a comprehensive overview of the latest technical and regulatory developments. Reports from practical experienceswill give you valuable ideas for your own development and integration projects. Take advantage of this VDI conference to exchange ideas about innovative software systems and explore potential partnerships with the automotive industry's leading experts, decision-makers and developers.

Key Topics of the International VDI Conference "Automotive Software Ecosystem"

Listen to presentations by renowned experts from the industry on the following topics:

  • Software Defined Vehicle
  • Software-Driven Vehicle Architecture
  • Standardization
  • Software Technologies
  • Data Management & OTA Updates
  • Open Source


  • Deep understanding of the complex automotive software ecosystem and its impact on the industry
  • Overview of trends, developments and best practices in the field of automotive software development and integration
  • Access to the parallel conference "Software Solutions for Commercial Vehicles" included



Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address

I. Software-Defined-Vehicle


The Importance of Associations and Sponsorship

  • Free and open-source software (FOSS) associations drive innovation, collaboration, and community-driven development
  • Supporting FOSS associations fosters a culture of transparency, inclusivity, and shared knowledge, shaping a more robust and equitable digital landscape
  • Sponsorships enhance impact, ensuring sustainable development and support critical software projects benefiting society
    Markus Rettstatt, Business Unit Lead Stream CAR, Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation GmbH, Germany

Successfully Navigating the Transition Towards Software Defined Vehicles

  • Organizations don‘t need to become software companies;    you need to embrace software and integrate it into your processes and structures
  • Innovate where you differentiate! Collaboration, Partnerships & even Co-opetition are not just buzz words
  • Open Source Software is the latest cry. How much potential does it really have and will it solve all our challenges?
    Damian Barnett, Automotive CTO, Luxoft, Germany

Elevating Mobility through SaaSification

  • Profound Impact of Software-as-a-Service on the mobility landscape
  • SaaS solutions for the mobility industry
  • Views on how OEMs and service providers can thrive in the SaaS market
    Rosemary Joshy, Head of Global SW Strategy, Innovation & Business Improvements, Continental Automotive Technologies GmbH, Germany

II. Software-Driven Vehicle Architecture


Sustainable Software Architecture Development for Future Vehicles

  • Reduce complexity and interdependencies among the many different ECUs
  • Unite applications to unlock new software-enabled functionality
  • Control the software that defines the user experience of their vehicles
    Dr. Florian Baumann, Sr. Director Software, Advanced Vehicle Architecture, Aptiv, Germany



What is new in Software Defined Vehicle and Android Automotive OS?

  • SDV and Android Automotive OS; SDV beyond infotainment
  • One single SoC to power a vehicle & Virtualization and hypervisor strategy
  • Certification in vehicle of an AAOS system
    Marius Mailat, CTO, P3 Group GmbH, Romania

Towards the Software Defined Vehicles - The AUTOSAR SW Framework and Its Future Evolution

  • AUTOSAR the industrial standard for the future software framework
  • Evolution of AUTOSAR
  • Opening strategy and 3rd party collaboration
  • Towards SDV
    Dr. Günter Reichart, AUTOSAR Spokesperson Europe, Germany

III. Over-the-Air Updates


Why we Need a Next-Generation OTA Software Update Technology

  • What are the three alternative OTA update technologies? Pros, and cons
  • What is an Additive OTA Update?
  • Which 8 vehicle manufacturer departments benefit from Additive OTA Update technology?
    Roger Ordman, EVP Marketing & Business Development, Aurora Labs, Israel

Connected and Vulnerable: Interplay Between CSMS and SUMS – What‘s the Right Approach?

  • The challenges and opportunities associated with OTA updates in modern vehicles, and the role of UNECE Regulation No. 156
  • Practical advice for establishing and managing a Software Update Security Management System (SUMS) that is both compliant and efficient.
  • Learn how to leverage unified tools for CSMS and SUMS to achieve instant insights, effective vulnerability management and streamlined compliance.
    Dr.-Ing. Lara Popova, Pre-Sales Engineer, Argus Cyber Security, Israe

Networking & Coffee Break


Interactive World Café Session

Join us for interactive round table discussions with industry experts. Share and address challenges within your sector, identify problems and needs, and explore solutions. Bring your own experiences and cases to the table. Don‘t miss out on this chance to connect with your industry colleagues.


End of Conference Day One



At the end of the first conference day, we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.


Chair’s Welcome

IV. Software Technologies & Further Developments


Scalable Software Development Addressing Different Levels of Autonomy

  • Common software architecture for different autonomy levels
  • How development and deployment of products at different autonomy levels benefit each other
  • Examples from our deployments in Europe, U.S., and Australia
    Tim Daly, Chief Architect, PlusAI, USA

A Roadmap to Safetility: Setting the Stage for Safe and Performant Automated Driving Systems

  • Addressing uncertainties with conservative safety margins leads to safety, but sacrifices utility
  • „Safetility“ metric to make runtime safety monitoring approaches comparable regarding safety and utility
  • Roadmap for next-generation safety architectures that optimize for safetility, enhancing overall customer value
    Jan Reich, Department Head „Safety Engineering“,Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE), Germany

Hacks for Cybersecurity Implementation: What to Do When Security Concepts Encounter Real-World Constraints

  • Securing communication on a legacy CAN-bus without compromising throughput and latency
  • Key exchange and ECU authentication with minimal resources
  • Pitfall: Authenticated Boot & Pitfall: Rolling your own Cryptography
  • Pitfalls for Production Logistics - three examples
    Jan-Peter von Hunnius, Associate Partner and Head of CYRES Consulting Austria, CYRES Consulting, Austria

Networking & Coffee Break


Interactive Fishbowl Discussion

Join our interactive fishbowl discussion, a unique program point designed to spark engaging conversations. Feel free to seamlessly join the discussion and ensure a diversity of voices contribute to the dynamic exchange of ideas

V. Open Source Software


The Beauty of Collaboration: How Open Source Can Help to Build a Sustainable Automotive Software Ecosystem

  • Collaboration between companies
  • Reducing complexity
  • Open source for series development
    Michael Plagge, VP Ecosystem, Eclipse Foundation, Germany



The Transformational Power of Open Source – New Strategies for Automotive Software Development

  • Open Source - the new ingredient in the mix of automotive software development
  • Best practices of large scale Open Source projects from other industries
  • Beyond the software defined vehicle – building data based ecosystems
    Philipp Merlitz, Senior Sales Manager Automotive & Open Source Ambassador, T-Systems, Germany

Embedded Service Management Evolution for Linux: From Scripts to Hardened Solutions

  • Misconception: Assuming Linux easily integrates into cars without alterations
  • Challenges: Linux service management caveats in embedded and automotive systems
  • Solutions: Introduce solutions for efficient, real-time capable, secure service management in cars
    Prof. Dr. Joachim Schlosser, Senior Manager, Strategic Consulting, Elektrobit Automotive, Germany & Thomas Brinker, Senior System Engineer, emlix, Germany

Beyond SBOMs in Open Source Software: Mitigating Risks in the SDV Supply Chain

  • Threat landscape and emerging new threats in the automotive industry
  • Unseen risks in development lifecycle and the software supply chain
  •  A practical example from the automotive industry
  • Proposal how to apply security beyond the SBOM
    Gregor Knappik, Solution Architect Cybersecurity, VicOne, Germany

Closing Remarks


End of Conference

Target Group

The VDI conference "Automotive Software Ecosystem" is aimed at engineers and developers in the automotive industry, as well as executives and managers who are involved in the design and development of vehicle software. The target audience also includes researchers, academics, and experts working on the advancement of automotive software, as well as representatives of companies engaged in automotive software development, integration, and solutions. Specifically, employees from the following areas are addressed:

  • OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
  • Suppliers
  • Software developers
  • Technology companies
  • Open-source initiatives

Supporting Experts

  • Rainer Holve, Elektrobit
  • Michael Plagge, Eclipse
  • Markus Rettstatt, Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation
  • Roger Ordman, Aurora Labs


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At the evening event, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and industry experts from both conferences. End the day in a relaxed atmosphere with an exquisite dinner and refreshing drinks and look forward to interesting conversations in an informal setting.


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