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Corporate Social Responsibility of VDI-Wissensforum

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Source: Marc Schäfer/Unsplash

Donations over flowers

At VDI Wissensforum, employees have embraced the principle that giving is more gratifying than receiving. That’s why they collectively decided to forgo the usual birthday bouquet. The money saved will be donated to charitable causes. Management was thrilled by this idea and even topped up the donation amount. “The focus of our donations was on supporting and educating the young, as this is very close to our hearts,” says CEO Timo Taubitz. Three different organizations have now received a total donation of €3,000 from VDI Wissensforum.

Mentor Düsseldorf: The Reading Helpers

Since 2004, Mentor Düsseldorf has been working to inspire children to read. Many students struggle with learning to read and write in German and they urgently need individual support. Early reading lays the foundation for future career success and fosters social integration and development. VDI Wissensforum is committed to supporting the younger generation and has contributed €1,000 to this initiative.

We received a heartfelt thank-you note from Mentor Düsseldorf. Here’s an excerpt:

We’d like to thank you most sincerely for your generous donation! With your support, we can help children in Düsseldorf learn to read and bring them closer to the joy of books. Thank you very much for dedicating your donation to the children and our association!

Teach First

Teach First was pleased to receive an additional €1,000. This nonprofit organization advocates for equal educational opportunities, assisting young people through transitions between school types and into vocational training. With its donation, VDI Wissensforum aims to contribute towards a better future characterized by educational equity.

We received two thank-you notes from Teach First::

On behalf of Teach First Deutschland, I extend my sincerest thanks for your support. Our fellows, who advocate daily at schools for the success chances of their students, also say "Thank you" for making this commitment possible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R261X4RCGTU.

Stay "Enthusiastic about Education"!

Yours Lisa Siemund
Teach First Deutschland non-profit GmbH
Seydelstraße 18 | 10117 Berlin“

Exchange money for a heart card

Source: Marc Schäfer/Unsplash

The Golden Tinfoil Hat

In the digital age, the proliferation of fake news and conspiracy theories is rampant. The Berlin-based nonprofit, "The Golden Tinfoil Hat" addresses this 21st-century challenge through information, counseling and events. VDI Wissensforum is also engaged with digitalization and its various implications. To secure the future viability of engineers in Germany, clear facts and neutrality are indispensable, which VDI Wissensforum aims to ensure with a €1,000 donation.

We were delighted with their thank-you note, acknowledging our contribution:

Dear Mrs. Müller,
Many heartfelt thanks for your email and your fantastic donation! […] My team and I are truly very pleased about your generosity. We also have engineers and physicists on the team who, of course, know VDI Wissensforum and appreciate your work. You are right, facts and neutrality are probably more important now than ever. […] Please convey my greetings and our thanks to your colleagues.

Kind regards,
Giulia Silberberger“

On behalf of VDI Wissensforum, we also say: Thank you!

Honoring our apprentice Michèle Ecke-Evers for excellence

Once a year, the IHK Düsseldorf hosts the award ceremony for the best in vocational and further education. Those from a graduating class who have passed their final examination with the grade "Very good" or their further education examination with "Very good" and "Good" are invited to this event. In 2018, the ceremony for excellence took place on October 9th at the Tonhalle Düsseldorf. Among the attendees was our former apprentice Michèle Ecke-Evers - This year, she was awarded, among other things, a certificate for her examination as an event management assistant by the Minister of Education for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Yvonne Gebauer.

Assistance for Hurricane Matthew victims

VDI Wissensforum supported the victims of Hurricane Matthew with €3,500. The company donation of 2,500 Euros was increased by 1,000 Euros through contributions from the employees.

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Donation to the child and youth hospice Regenbogenland

As part of a special initiative, VDI Wissensforum offered its event E-Bikes to its employees at a reduced cost. The total proceeds from this campaign were donated to the child and youth hospice Regenbogenland.

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VDI Charging Station for Electric Vehicles at VDI-Haus in Stuttgart

On the Technology Day and the 40th anniversary of VDI-Haus in Stuttgart, June 13th, 2015, Uwe Michael, Chairman of the Program Committee of ELIV (Electronics in Vehicles) from Porsche, and Dr. Wolfgang Frech from VDI Wissensforum GmbH, inaugurated a charging station for electric vehicles at VDI Haus in Stuttgart. On behalf of the ELIV conference, VDI Wissensforum GmbH, supported the construction of the charging station with a donation. The station is now available to seminar participants at the VDI-Haus and the public in the Vaihingen district of Stuttgart.

Support of the Earthquake Victims in Nepal

The earthquake in Nepal at the end of April 2015 claimed over 8,000 lives and injured more than 17,800 people. Millions were urgently in need of humanitarian aid, requiring tents, blankets, food, clothing and hygiene kits. VDI Wissensforum GmbH decided to donate 2,000 euros through the campaign Deutschland Hilft. "With this donation, we wanted to do our part," says Timo Taubitz, Managing Director of VDI Wissensforum GmbH, "and hope to support the people in Nepal."

Conserving resources through recycling

Conservation of resources and efficient management are core themes at numerous events organized by VDI Wissensforum GmbH. Since August 2013, all our brochures have been printed exclusively on FSC-certified recycled paper, visibly marked with 'FSC-Recycled' and the 'Blue Angel'. The label assures that the paper used comes solely from recycled material, and the ‘Blue Angel’ signifies the sustainability of the entire production process. Through this initiative, over 650 spruce trees were preserved in just six months. Furthermore, since October 2013, Timo Taubitz has been supporting the "CEOs Pro Recycling Paper" initiative under the patronage of Federal Environment Minister Dr. Barbara Hendricks. Also, the stationery provided at events, such as notepads and pens, are produced from recyclable materials.


With the program VDI ELEVATE!, the VDI promotes students of engineering and natural science. In cooperation with industry partners, the VDI accompanies them until they begin their careers. The participants of the funding programs receive, among other things, training in software and management skills,contacts as well as internships and thesis work in the partner companies. The VDI Wissensforum GmbH annually donates a training voucher for the participating young engineers, which the participants can then redeem in the portfolio of the VDI Wissensforum.

Digital education – Essential computers

Gesamtschule Brüggen emphasizes early education in digital media for its students. However, the school's budget only allowed for the equipment of one computer room for over 400 students in grades 5-8. VDI Wissensforum donated a total of 15 computers, including keyboards and mice, to the school. Heinz Küsters from VDI Wissensforum handed over the computers to the principal, Wolfgang Jöres, and the head of the computer science department, Mr. Kucharek

Best young presenter honored with Auto Electronic Excellence Award

For several years, ELIV has been a platform not just for reporting on innovation, but also for initiating trends and aiding in critical decision-making within the automotive industry. ELIV serves as a meeting point for decision-makers and developers to discuss the future of automotive electronics. The event also places a significant emphasis on fostering young talent. Every two years, the VDI Society for Vehicle and Traffic Engineering presents the “Auto Electronic Excellence Award” to young presenters up to the age of 33. The presentations undergo evaluation based on various criteria such as innovation, scientific level, practical relevance and presentation skills. In 2015, for the first time, attendees were also given the opportunity to evaluate the presentations online.

After compiling both results, the following three young presenters were selected and awarded:

Übergabe eines Gewinnschecks an Dr.-Ing. Stefan Döbrich

1st Place (prize money 5,000 Euros)

Social Navigation – An Approach to Integrating Social Media in IVI Navigation

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Döbrich, Head of Software Development Navigation,

Co-Author Dr.-Ing. Sven-Ole Voigt, both from TechniSat Digital GmbH, Dresden

Übergabe eines Gewinnschecks an Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Robert Buchta

2nd Place (prize money 3,000 Euros)

Holistic Simulation Environment at Integration-HiL for Efficient Safeguarding of the Highly Networked Function of Electric Remaining Range Under the Influence of Ambient Temperature

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Robert Buchta, Specialist for Networked HiL for Electric Traction Projects, Integration Product Quality, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg

Übergabe eines Gewinnschecks an Dipl.-Ing. Alina Maria Rota

3. Platz (dotiert mit 2.000 Euro)

Mit Sicherheit vom Sensor zum Aktuator

Dipl.-Ing. Alina Maria Rota, Principal Software Engineer / Software Architektur, ADAS ECU Entwicklung, Sc. Autoliv Romania SRL, Timisoara, Rumänien

Co-Autor: Annika Ratte-Front, Autoliv B.V. & Co. KG, Dachau

Jeder Gewinner durfte sich neben der Prämie auch über eine offizielle Urkunde freuen. Zudem wurden die Vorgesetzten mit Brief und Foto der Verleihung über den Erfolg ihres Mitarbeiters informiert.