Review of the last Engine Congress

For the 8th time, 300 international engine developers met to discuss the future of the combustion engine in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The topic of fuels was of particular importance, since synthetic fuels are considered to be a key to the emission-neutral operation of diesel and petrol engines.

In addition to 10 plenary lectures and an intensive panel discussion on "CO2 budget – the role of engines and fuels in sustainable mobility" with representatives from the industry, education and the government the experts discussed solutions for

  • Sustainable mobility: complete LCA
  • Internal combustion engines and fuels as a complete system: CO2 reduction, emissions control, electrification
  • Climate-friendly internal combustion engines
  • Increasing efficiency in products and processes
  • Use of hydrogen and synthetic fuels

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Energy transition and sector coupling – general framework for the future mobility sector
Author: Dr. David Bothe

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