Partners of "Plastics in Automotive Engineering"

Materials Engineering

The VDI Materials Engineering Association connects experts from industry with scientific specialists in related fields in a targeted way. This means that current questions about products in terms of the materials and technologies used can be discussed in detail and their solutions can be provided to the network of engineers.

In addition to specialist activities for business professionals, “Plastics in Engineering” has also provided opportunities for the next generation. This year, the VDI Materials Engineering Association (GME) and VDI Wissensforum GmbH invited over 110 students from 11 colleges to the event. This engagement was also praised by the professors, including Prof. Ansgar Jaeger from Würzburg College, who said “our students are always particularly interested in the Plastics in Automotive Engineering congress and we are very grateful to VDI for being able to take part. In addition to the presentations, the trade exhibition provides opportunities to see and experience innovative applications and also helps our students to make contacts for potential internships and dissertations.” This is initiative that is also appreciated by colleges at further VDI Wissensforum GmbH events.

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Lüdenscheid Plastic Institute

Traditions make connections. Two dedicated promoters of plastics technology are joining forces. The Lüdenscheid Plastics Institute will be cooperating with VDI Wissensforum. The cooperation will formally begin at the VDI PIAE congress, which deals with plastics in automotive manufacturing. In addition to that VDI Wissensforum will become a member and conceptual sponsor of the Lüdenscheid Plastics Institute. We’re looking forward to working together.