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Tagungen und Konferenzen für Ingenieure

VDI Wissensforum is the leading provider of further education and training for engineers, technical specialists and managers in Germany. We provide expert knowledge in almost every technical field.

In addition to that, we also offer a range of non-technical qualifications, such as management and leadership skills, business administration and law.

Seeing Eye-to-Eye – Training for Engineers by Engineers.

You know your business better than anyone else. That’s why you should receive your training from experts who have mastered the same challenges, and understand your business as well as you do. Our speakers are industry experts, researchers and teaching professionals. The Association of German Engineers (VDI) makes use of its extensive know-how and large  network to select the best possible people.

Why Training is important

The working environment has changed considerably. Jobs for life are now almost unheard of and factors such as technological progress, globalization and demographic change have fundamentally altered the employment market. In many cases, the knowledge and training acquired through prior studies is no longer sufficient to adapt to these challenges. That’s why it is imperative to continuously expand your knowledge and keep learning. This makes you not just more qualified for the work that you do, but also helps you progress further in your career.

Multidisciplinary Qualifications are gaining Importance

Multidisciplinary qualifications, or so-called “soft skills”, such as showing initiative, the ability to work in a team and deal with conflict, are becoming crucially important. As opposed to “hard” expert knowledge acquired in vocational training or at university, employers increasingly demand “soft” skills. At the soft-skill seminars for engineers, you will learn the necessary leadership skills for managers or prospective managers. For specialists, extensive further training is available, specifically for engineers in the areas of law, management, business administration and self-organization.

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