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Online training: Using project planning tools sensibly

Are you responsible for your first own project and project team and wondering how best to keep track of progress? In the VDI online training course "Using project planning tools sensibly" you will learn which tools you can use to optimally control your project!

Have the right tool at hand at all times!
Managing technical projects can be very complex - so it is important to know all the relevant information and groups involved at an early stage in order to make informed decisions. The documentation of agreed objectives, measures, etc. plays an important role in keeping track of your project. With the help of proven project management methods, you can equip yourself and your team with valuable tools that will make it easier for you to work together on the project.

In the approx. 30-minute self-study unit "Using project planning tools sensibly", you will learn about the essential tools in the context of initial project implementation in a practical way using an example project from industry.

In addition, all tools and documents presented in the online training are available for download free of charge on our LMS platform!

Combine other online training courses and become a VDI certified professional

The online training "Using project planning tools sensibly" is part of the TOC "Methods of technical project management" consisting of 4 online training courses. If you successfully pass all 4 online training courses of the VDI online training as well as the digital final exam of the VDI online course, you will receive the VDI certificate "VDI certified professional" in the subject area "Technical project management".

The online training course "Using project planning tools sensibly" includes the following learning objectives:

  • Your team: Project order & cooperation
  • Sensible project documentation
  • Managing project implementation
  • Milestone planning & "next steps"
  • Project management on the use case "Construction of a machine building"

VDI online training courses - interactive, practical and flexible

  • Experience and learn about technical project management through hands-on learning simulations
  • Promotion of personal motivation through a playful structure based on the latest state of learning research
  • Short and compact self-learning units for easy integration into everyday life

Who should participate?

The VDI knowledge forum's TOC "Using project planning tools sensibly" with the learning unit "Using project planning tools sensibly" is aimed at all specialists, project managers and engineers who want to build up methodological skills for technical projects.

Who designed this learning unit?

Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Nagels, INMAS GmbH, is a trainer and consultant. With his engineering education, experience in environmental protection and plant construction at home and abroad, as well as his many years of work in the qualification of technical managers, he is an expert in practice-oriented seminars in the areas of project management and staff leadership for engineers. As part of his consulting work in plant and mechanical engineering, automotive and energy industries, process-oriented project management is an important focus of his work. Other special core areas of his work include coaching project leaders, accompanying project leaders and project teams in risk situations, and designing start, status and end workshops for the successful handover of projects.

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Using project planning tools sensibly

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Combine several online training courses
  • Using project planning tools sensibly
  • 160,– € plus VAT
  • Organising the initiation of technical projects carefully and efficiently
  • 160,– € plus VAT
  • Successful control and modification management in the project
  • 160,– € plus VAT
  • Manage project closure sensibly and comprehensively
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Eventnumber: 08DP033

Using project planning tools sensibly

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