International VDI Workshop - LiDAR - The enabling Sensor for Autonomous Driving

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  • Understand how LiDAR generates a point cloud
  • Benefit from an overview of today’s automotive LiDAR market
  • Learn interactively about various automotive LiDAR designs and their pros and cons
  • Exchange experiences and insights with your peers
  • Discuss your individual questions with our expert workshop chair
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This interactive, international workshop will give you an in-depth understanding of how automotive LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) sensors function and will feature live demonstrations as well as practical exercises and hands-on examples. Learn about what makes LiDAR an essential part of autonomous driving and discuss the advantages, challenges and limitations of LiDAR with colleagues and leading experts in the field.

Paving the way for the future of mobility

The concept of autonomous mobility is as fascinating as it is challenging. To make the vision of vehicles that drive themselves a feasible reality, we need to rely on ever-more advanced and reliable sensor technology. One of the most crucial parts of the self-driving automobile is LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging).

This interactive workshop will look at how LiDAR functions in autonomous driving scenarios and will look at how these sensors generate their point cloud from the outset. As a participant, you’ll benefit from live sensor demonstrations, practical exercises and you will be able to get your hands on actual examples of the technology that will make fully autonomous driving happen. You’ll also learn about the various different LiDAR design concepts and find out about sensor set-ups, including optics, light sources, receivers and processing units. Meet leading industry experts and engage with a variety of professionals in discussion rounds and other interactive formats at this international workshop.

You can also take part in other, related events, such as the Optical Sensing Seminar or the Automotive Cyber Security Seminar.

If you work in the automotive sector or in sensor technology, the VDI LiDAR – The Enabling Sensor for Autonomous Driving Workshop is the ideal event to give you a detailed overview of current LiDAR technology and the corresponding challenges and opportunities – paving the way for the mobility of the future.


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Day 1 09:30 until 17:00 / Day 2 09:00 until 16:00


  •    The motivation for autonomous driving
  •    Perception sensors
    •    Camera
    •    RaDAR
    •    Ultrasonic sensor
  •    Benefits of LiDAR sensors
  •    Fusion aspects on the way to full autonomy

Light Detection and Ranging

  •    Methods to measure distances with light
  •    Light modulation techniques
  •    Time-of-flight principle
  •    Power budget calculation

++ Live Demonstration of Measurement Principle

Time-of-Flight LiDAR

  •    Electronic components of a sensor
  •    Receiver and emitter optics
  •    Sensor calibration

++ Automotive LiDAR Demo

Next Generation LiDAR Sensors

  •    Concepts and ideas for solid state LiDAR
  •    Requirements and specifications
  •    Emitter and receiver setups

Possible scanning mechanisms

Market Overview

  •    Important market players
  •    Updates from the industry
  •    Trends and market developments
  •    Available sensors

Signal Processing

  •    Basic functionalities:
    •    Distance
    •    Intensity
    •    Noise
  •    Advanced processing:
    •    Environmental conditions
    •    Target properties
    •    Interference
    •    Confidence
  •    Point cloud creation

Your Seminar Leader and Format

M.Sc. Hanno Holzhüter, Project Manager and PhD Student University Hanover, Ibeo AS, Germany will lead the VDI LiDAR – The Enabling Sensor for Autonomous Driving Workshop.

Hanno Holzhüter works as a research project manager at Ibeo Automotive Systems and is also a PhD student focusing on digital signal processing in LiDAR sensors at Leibniz University Hanover and Ibeo AS.

Before joining Ibeo in 2016, Mr. Holzhüter worked as a scientific assistant at the engineering education research group at the technical University of Hamburg after finishing his master’s degree in astrophysics at the Georg-August University Göttingen.

The workshop chair will provide theoretical input and you as participants will practice applying the new knowledge you have gained in interactive and practical exercises. Various further discussion rounds will provide ample opportunity for the exchange of experiences and insights.

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