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Online training: Communication in everyday leadership

The VDI online training "Communication in everyday leadership" shows you how to optimally shape communication with your employees with the help of conversation and questioning techniques.

Targeted communication makes it easier for you to start in your new role as boss

You have taken on the role of team leader and have to learn to use new communication tools safely and to unveil leadership tools in a meaningful way. Clear communication in the form of directed conversation and questioning techniques plays a key role here.

In this approx. 30-minute self-learning unit you will learn which communication models as well as conversation and questioning techniques are available to you and how to communicate purposefully from your new role.

Combine other online training courses and become a VDI certified Professional

This online training is part of the Technical Online Course (TOC) "Becoming the boss".     Pass all 4 online training courses of the TOC as well as the digital final exam and you will receive a certificate for "VDI certified Professional" in the subject area of employee management!

The online training course "Communication in everyday leadership" includes the following learning objectives

  • Building up basic knowledge of communication models
  • Teaching appropriate conversation and questioning techniques in everyday professional life
  • Use of non-verbal and intercultural communication

VDI online training courses - interactive, practical and flexible

  • Promotion of personal motivation through a playful structure based on the latest state of learning research
  • Experience and learn leadership topics through hands-on learning simulations
  • Short and compact self-learning units for easy integration into everyday life

Who should participate?

The TOC "Becoming the to boss" with the online training course "Communication in everyday leadership" is aimed at aspiring managers and project managers as well as professionals with personnel responsibility.

Who designed this learning unit?

This learning unit was designed together with Ulrich Freimann, graduate pedagogue and managing director of Dr. Konrad Rump und Partner.

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Communication in everyday leadership

160,– € plus VAT

Combine several online training courses
  • Communication in everyday leadership
  • 160,– € plus VAT
  • Fundamentals of constructive leadership
  • 160,– € plus VAT
  • Adequate use of leadership resources
  • 160,– € plus VAT
  • Conducting employee appraisals - goal-oriented and successful
  • 160,– € plus VAT

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160,– € plus VAT

Eventnumber: 08DP013

Communication in everyday leadership

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