International VDI Workshop - Design Thinking Basic Training

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  • Find out what makes design thinking special and what it means for you and your organization
  • Learn about new tools and approaches to working on complex projects
  • Gain insight into the perspectives and mindsets of other people and how to leverage empathy and understanding in a professional context
  • Benefit from the knowledge that comes from familiarity with an innovative, agile method, which is applicable in your current company and future career
  • Enjoy an interactive and fun workshop format with other like-minded individuals
  • Employ creative and analytical skills in small teams and interactive sessions
Design Thinking Basic Training | VDI Workshop

The VDI Design Thinking Basic Training Workshop will give you a unique opportunity to learn about the agile approach ‘design thinking’. This innovative problem solving method is useful to tackle complex challenges in a creative way by focusing on human needs and desires. Change work patterns, foster creativity and promote innovative thinking and action in your organization by employing design thinking. A proven method, design thinking will help transform the way you and your teams work, leading to greater success.

Putting people first

Our companies and organizations are nothing without the people that push them forward. Design thinking realizes this and focuses on the people within organizations, especially their needs, wants, creative potential and capacity for coming up with new ideas. The method allows for a structured development of products and services by using techniques that creative designers use. The essential pillars of design thinking are empathy, ideation and experimentation and aim to capture the mindsets of the people you are creating for while painting a picture of potential opportunities based on their needs at the same time. Design thinking will help you to develop innovative new solutions based on easy experiments that you can apply in a company. From product design to services, experiences and organizational change, the applications are far reaching.

The VDI Design Thinking Basic Training Workshop will introduce you to the methods employed in this innovative, agile approach. You will have ample opportunity to experience design thinking in action first hand and combine theory and practice. From defining parameters and performing research to prototyping, testing and presentation, learn how design thinking can lead to positive change and greater success in your organization or company.

Content of the Workshop

The VDI Design Thinking Basic Training Workshop will begin by outlining the six phases of design thinking to allow you to explore looking at a problem from various angles to better understand client needs. On the second day, you and your assigned team will generate ideas and determine which ones shall be built as prototypes. This will be followed by a small pitch to the group and a reflection upon how these methods can be applied in a company or organization.

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1. Day 10:00 - 18:00, 2. Day 08:30 - 15:30


  • Welcome, agenda, logistics
  • Warm up game – Line Up
  • Introduction into Design Thinking (why, what, how)
    •  Introductory game – T Profile

Definition Phase

  • Understanding the problem
  • Team Check in, team roles & workshop rules
  • Teambuilding: Space Shuttle
  • Understanding the problem, reframing the design challenge

Research Phase

  • Understanding the user and the world they live in
  • Develop interview guide
  • Conduct qualitative interviews
  • Storytelling – What have you learned about your users?

Synthesis Phase

  • Finding insights and focusing on the most important ones
  • Prioritize your findings and create a persona
  • Formulate a point of view

Recap day one – What have we done?

  • Warm up game for creativity

Ideation Phase

  • Creating meaningful solutions for the persona
  • Brainstorm ideas for persona
  • Prioritize and specify the best ideas

Prototype Phase

  • Making ideas tangible and getting them ready for testing
  • Build your prototype

Test Phase

  • Collecting feedback from users and finetuning the prototype
  • Test and collect feedback
  • Improve your prototype
    • Prepare your pitch (how to deliver an impressive pitch in a few minutes)
    • Pitch your prototype

Wrap Up

  • Feedback: I like, I wish, I learned
  • Open discussion: Implementing Design Thinking in organizations

Your Workshop Chair

Coleen Dannroth, Design Thinking Coach, Mindshift.One, Germany

Coleen Dannroth is a graduate of the renowned Hasso-Plattner Institute in Potsdam. Her passion for design thinking comes from working in start ups and seeing how this innovative approach can foster creative innovation and change. She brings a great deal of experience of running a wide variety of workshops in several different industries and is specialized in helping to generate the best possible project results. Dannroth works in small teams and always aims to put the theory into practice in interactive sessions and a mix of creative and analytical work.

Target Audience for the Workshop

The VDI Design Thinking Basic Training Workshop is designed for project managers and managers with technical backgrounds. It will also be useful and interesting for professionals who work in a user-centric fashion and those interested in solving complex problems with creative and innovative solutions.

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