2nd International VDI Conference - Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility

  • Learn how new developments in charging infrastructure affect OEMs, network operators, cities and cars around the world
  • Exchange experiences and practices with experts from around the globe, covering a wide variety of fields in and around electromobility, energy production and charging infrastructure
  • Profit from extensive networking opportunities during breaks and at the evening reception
  • Take advantage of two international conferences with just one ticket and attend the parallel conference "Automotive Drives"
Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility | VDI Conference

SAVE THE DATE - From November 6th to the 7th, 2019 the international VDI “Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility” conference is returning to Amsterdam! OEMs, operators and energy suppliers are working towards realizing a smart and universal charging infrastructure while facing increasingly complex end users expectations at the same time. The event gives relevant stakeholder groups from the e-mobility and charging infrastructure sector a platform and looks at how a charging network can be built intelligently, giving easy access to power and providing user friendly, interoperable charging solutions. Join intensive and stimulating discussions about the perspectives, challenges and opportunities presented by expanding charging infrastructure networks.

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Future Critical Infrastructure and Security - Cyberattacks on Charging Stations
Author: Christian Esser and Marko Schuba, University of Applied Sciences Aachen Tim Montag and Manuel Allhoff, P3 Group

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E-Mobility - The Road to the Future?

We are seeing more and more electric vehicles on our roads every day. But as opposed to their fossil fuel-powered cousins, the infrastructure needed to keep them on the road isn’t nearly as well developed. On the one hand, this means that energy providers are under pressure from drivers to expand their networks and adapt their business models to accommodate these new vehicles.

And on the other hand, automobile manufacturers are becoming dependent upon easy and efficient charging infrastructure to be able to sell their vehicles to consumers – or are entering the market themselves. The solutions to the challenges presented by the emergence of electric vehicles are diverse. All around the world, countries, cities, operators and OEMs are developing intelligent infrastructure to equip themselves for the future, while focusing on integrating charging stations with power grids.

At the 2nd VDI “Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility” conference, international experts from OEMs, energy suppliers and operators will share their experiences and discuss the most pressing challenges as well as future opportunities and emerging business models.

Networking is Key

Extra benefit for our participants: Register for the “Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility” conference and visit the parallel conference "Automotive Drives" free of charge. Both events take place at the same venue and participants are invited to listen to presentations from both agendas!

Connect with experts, business partners, specialists and investors from the international automotive energy industry during coffe breaks and discussion rounds. Join us at the evening get-together in a relaxed atmosphere, with food and drinks. Use these various networking opportunities for interesting discussions and do not miss out on this international event in Amsterdam!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address
Conference Chair: Stefan Pettersson, Professor, Ph.D, RISE ICT/Viktoria - Research
Manager Electromobility, Sweden


Say Hi & Meet your Peers!
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I. Charging Infrastructure Market: Update, Transformation & Impact


Can E-Mobility help solve the Climate Crisis within the next 10 Years?

  • 23% of CO2 emissions come from transport
  • EV‘s as part of the solution to decrease CO2 emissions
  • Implications for charging infrastructure demand

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO, EVBox, The Netherlands


The Path to Mass Market E-Mobility

  • Position of charging in the overall attractiveness of E-Mobility
  • Discussion of new business models and stakeholders
  • Current technical and legal challenges within the implementation of a holistic
  • charging experience

Martin Roemheld, Head of e-Mobility Services, VW, Germany


High-Power Charging (HPC) – A global Update

  • HPC as a possibility of EV charging
  • Global landscape of HPC
  • Solving HPC systems challenges & Future outlook

Drs. Jeroen Pynenburg, Global Lead E-Mobility Solutions Operation, ABB, The Netherlands


EV Ridesharing: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Benefits and opportunities of EV ridesharing
  • Leveraging ridesharing to help establish additional charger locations
  • Impact on the development of (charging) infrastructure
  • Implications for the transition to AV‘s

Michael Ableson, Former General Motors VP for EV Charging and Infrastructure,



II. Safe & Secure Operations


Managing Risks with installing EV Chargers on Fuel Forecourts

  • Risk bowtie approach: Using prevention and mitigation barriers to identify and communicate risks
  • Minimum requirements necessary to ensure the barriers are healthy provided
  • The risk bowtie can be used to better communicate with non-technical people

Jeff McQueen, Electrical Specialist, BP, UK


IT Security of Charging Stations – A Status Quo

  • Cyber security and security analyses of charging infrastructure
  • Next critical infrastructure
  • Vulnerabilities of charging infrastructure

Tim Montag, Head of Digital Energy System Operation, co-author: Dr. Manuel
Allhoff, Security Expert, both: P3 group, Germany


Interactive World Café Session
We invite you to directly engage with other experts.
Discuss and identify challenges, needs and solutions within your sector. Focus is
on you – chose your favourite topics and bring in your own experiences!

Confirmed Topics:

  • Mobile metering as a key technology to unlock the energy-economical value creation for OEM, Lex Hartman, CEO, Ubitricity
  • If chargepoint infrastructure follows business principles: Will low cost operators and high class offerings divide the market? Björn Niggl, Project Manager P3 Group
  • tba, EVbox

Networking & Coffee Break

III. The Regulatory Perspective & International Standardization


Measuring and Calibration Law: Challenges for AC and DC Charging

  • The legal framework for charging station operators
  • Requirements of the measurement and calibration law on the conversion of AC and DC charging stations
  • Legally compliant billing at AC and DC charging stations

Dr. iur. Katharina Vera Boesche, Lawyer, Head of the Legal Section „ICT for Electromobility“
, Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, Germany


CHAdeMO DC Charging Standard: Evolution and Technology Road Map

  • Interoperability and certification system
  • Harmonization with China’s GB/T
  • Plug & Charge and V2X

Tomoko Blech, Secretary General, CHAdeMO Europe, France


CharIN e.V.: HPC and Harmonization for a global EV Charging Standard

  • The Combined Charging System (CCS) – A global standard for charging battery powered EV‘s
  • Requirements to accelerate the evolution of charging related standards
  • Defining a certification system for all manufacturers implementing CCS

André Kaufung, Managing Director, ChaIn e.V., Germany


End of Conference Day One

At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the
relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other
participants and speakers.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

IV. Charge Smart: Grid Integration & Interoperability


Future Integration Challenges for EV Chargers

  • Current systems overview and constraints
  • Charger design contribution to overcoming EV hurdles
  • Standards and compatibility versus comfort and user friendliness

Dr. Ali Jaafar, Lead R&D Engineer, EV Charging Systems, Groupe Renault, France


Charging Infrastructure for V2G Application in local Energy Systems

  • Technological devlopments and availability on the market
  • Intelligence, interoperability and communication requirements
  • Market and value chain from the Belgian perspective

Dr. Ir. Cedric De Cauwer, Senior Researcher in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Vrije
Universiteit Brussel, ETEC Department, MOBI Research Group, Belgium


Why ISO 15118 will become crucial for secure Implementation of
scalable smart Charging Solutions

  • ISO 15118: Secure communication between car and charging infrastructure
  • Implementeation by OEMs, CPOs and mobility service providers to facilitate plug and charge
  • Creating the ecosystem and technology in order to make this safe standard accepted and mainstream

Chrstian Hahn, CEO, Hubject GmbH, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break


Smart Charging Possibilities – From Grid Load Optimization to V2G

  • Prepare for an EV world connected to the energy grid and system
  • Charging various cars (fleets, corporate parking, ...) without extending the grid connection
  • Smart charging technologies and how to apply them
  • Road Map towards V2G – What to expect when?

Marcus Fendt, Managing Director, The Mobility House, Germany


Panel Discussion
Building a sustainable Charging Infrastructure Network through
strategic Collaboration



V. Batteries can do more – Bidirectional Charging & Redefined Energy Usage


Battery Storage and EV Charging in the Smart Home

  • Management of solar PV for best value
  • Effect of smart tariffs for domestic import and export
  • Experiences with Home Energy Management System (HEMS)

Tim Nicklin,Manager, EV Charging and Energy Management SEO, Ford Motor
Company, UK


Bidirectional Charging: Batteries as mobile Energy Storage Devices

  • Redefining energy usage: Changing how cars are integrated with society
  • Sharing energy to power homes and business or feed it back to power grids
  • Reducing charging demand and electricity consumption

Francisco Carranza Sierra, Managing Director, Nissan Energy, France

VI. Developing Scalable Charging Solutions & Sustainable Energy Grids


From regional to nationwide – Developing a fast Charging Network

  • Where to charge: Fast charging network for E-Mobility
  • How to charge: Different use cases
  • What to think of: Settings and aspects of scalability

Amadeus Regerbis, Head of Charging Infrastructure & Sales Emobility, EnBW AG,


Make Parking Time Charging Time: Scalable Charging Solutions to
meet residential and commercial Demand

  • Retrofitting street lights with EV charge points: Scalable charging infrastructure for residents without access to private parking
  • Charging and billing solutions for properties: Infrastructure for residents with accurate and convenient billing services
  • Fleet and commercial cars: Affordable infrastructure and billing as precise and easy as with a fuel card

Lex Hartman, CEO, Ubitricity, Germany


Conference Chair‘s closing Remarks


End of Conference

Benefit from interesting presentations while taking part in our interactive session formats at the same time.

If you have any questions regarding the conference program or you want to become a speaker at the next event in 2020 contact Leonie Bohnstedt.

Who should take part in this conference?

The conference is ideal for, engineers, professionals and management working in fields related to electromobility and charging infrastructure. Amongst others, the target audience includes decision makers, (development) engineers and experts working in / at:

  • OEMs and suppliers active in electromobility
  • Charge point operators and manufacturers
  • Charging technology and equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Network / Grid operators
  • E-mobility service and software providers
  • Electricity / Energy producers and sellers
  • Renewable energy developers
  • Battery manufacturers
  • Transport and city infrastructure planning
  • Government and legal /regulatory agencies
  • Providers of billing platforms and roaming
  • Performance electronics companies
  • Research institutions and academia

Also, all experts working in HEV, Internet of Vehicles (IoV), Plug-in hybrid, V2G / V2H, Electrification, Advanced Engineering or R&D are welcome to join as well!

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