Basic Project Management for technical Projects

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  • Learn the basic principles of project management for technical projects
  • Apply your new skills and knowledge in practical, live exercises
  • Find out about leadership without being an executive
  • Experience scientifically proven project management styles, such as agile, scrum and more
  • Discuss your individual questions about business psychology and business administrations with our expert workshop chair
Basic Project Management for technical Projects| VDI workshop

This practical VDI workshop will give you an overview of the basics of project management for technical projects and provide you with realization and leadership skills, insights into agile and hybrid methods as well as management techniques. Gain experience in reducing complexity and increase your know-how in operative project management with the help of the latest knowledge in the industry. This hands-on event is ideal for professionals with existing experience in project management as well as engineers, technical specialists and managers.

Success is manageable

From designing a new vehicle from the ground up or planning a power plant extension to creating workflows to manufacture electronics, technical projects can take the widest variety of different forms. What doesn’t differ, however, is the level of organization and management required to make these projects a success. That’s where effective project management skills come into play. This hands-on VDI workshop will give you an overview of the basics needed to successfully manage and deliver technical projects. You will learn about scientifically proven methods such as agile and scrum as well as hybrid project management approaches. Furthermore, you’ll gain insight in how to take on a leadership role without being an executive. This will be supported by live exercises where you can work on actual example projects to maximize your skills and lessons learned. If your work involves technical projects in any form, this workshop will be an ideal opportunity to learn new skills and techniques and to put them into practice.

Content of the Workshop

The VDI Basic Project Management for technical Projects Workshop will cover the following topics:

Basic project management
Rough planning and project assignment
Project order and detailed planning
Project implementation and -controlling
Project completion

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1. Day 10:00 - 18:00, 2. Day 08:30 - 15:30

Basic Project Management – Introduction

  • How to make the right projects right
  • Roles in the project
  • Tasks of a project

Rough Planning and Project Assignment

  • Introduction to the planning
  • Structure and content of a project assignment
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Target planning 
  • The correct project objectives and definition of goals
  • Risk management
    • What does risk management mean? 
    • Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS)
    • Risk assessment

+++ Work in Groups: Learn how to do a Risk Analysis – Bring your individual Case along

Project Order and detailed Planning

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Typical structure and content
    • Working package description
    • Development of an individual project structure plan using an example
  • Scheduling
  • Milestone planning
  • Project budget and resource planning: Handle money with care by optimizing your resource planning

+++ Project Management Methods and Tools

Project Implementation and -Controlling

  • Basics
    • Performance indicators & project management lifecycle
  • Forecasts and trends
    • Project status presentation, reporting, discussion and establishment
    • Report on risk evolution
    • Meeting structures
  • Multi-project management and agile work
    • Definition and basics of multi-project management
    • Agile work and agile project management
  • Soft skills for project management 
  • Motivation and leadership without supervisor function

+++ Tips for intercultural Teams

Project Completion

  • Project review
  • Project documentation and reporting

+++ Including Checklists for every Part of your Project

Target Audience for the workshop

The VDI Basic Project Management for technical Projects Workshop is designed for the following professionals:

  • Project managers for technical or industrial projects
  • Engineers working in international organizations
  • Internal and external project members and participants
  • Technical specialists and managers
  • Aspiring, newly appointed and experienced project managers from all industrial divisions
  • Employees at project driven organizations

Your Workshop Chair

Jennifer Böhnke is a senior consultant at Orbitak AG. She specializes in automotive industry projects but covers other industrial sectors, as well. She has several years of practical and leadership experience gained in a diverse range of industry fields at various companies.

With a B.Sc. in Business Administration & Business Psychology she brings her know-how in neurosciences and the fundamentals of human behavior to the table. Furthermore, she can provide detailed insight and knowledge about leadership, personality development, agile working and change management in organizations.

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