International VDI Conference - Automotive Drives

  • Profit from expert presentations and interactive sessions about the future of electromobility, fuel cell technology alternative fuels and more.
  • Learn about the benefits and disadvantages of various powertrain technologies and their applications and discuss these with OEMs and international suppliers.
  • Engage with industry leaders, experts and specialists and find out how the automotive industry deals with the challenges posed by political pressures and regulatory issues.
  • Expand your professional network during breaks, discussion rounds and at the evening get-together.
  • Take advantage of two international conferences with just one ticket and attend the parallel conference on Charging Infrastructure.
Automotive Drives – The Future of Alternative Fuels and Motors | VDI Conference

The VDI Automotive Drives Conference will focus on finding the right ‘mix’ of various motors and fuels to prepare for a future with reduced emissions and new, electrified powertrains. Learn about the benefits and disadvantages of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) as well as other alternative power sources. This conference will give you the insights you need to prepare for the mobility challenges of the next 20 years in a professional setting with a wide range of specialists, experts and OEMs.

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First Zero Emission Drive Technology that beats the Diesel
Author: Ivo Pimentel, Co-Founder, KEYOU GmbH

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The future of low emissions mobility is now

Electrification and electric cars are no longer the realm of science fiction or a concept that’s in the distant future. The way we move is changing rapidly right now and electrification is fueling new developments. However, this does not necessarily mean that we will all be driving electric cars in the next five years.

There are several technological mobility solutions jostling for position and it’s also relatively certain that the internal combustion engine will remain with us for some time to come. That’s why it’s important for companies and professionals involved in all areas of mobility to consider the right ‘mix’ of engines and fuels to contribute to necessary reductions in emissions.

The VDI Automotive Drives Conference will give you an overview of the various technological options available, including Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) as well other alternative power sources. You will be able to discuss the benefits and potential of these systems with a wide range of specialists, experts and representatives from OEMs. We will also look at the political and regulatory side of things, making this conference a must for any and all professionals working in the future of powertrain development.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019 1st day


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair‘s Welcome and Opening Address

Thomas Schlick, Senior Partner, Roland Berger, Germany


Say Hi & Meet your Peers!

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I. Market Development & E-Mobility Transformation


Holistic Overview of the Challenges facing the Powertrain Industry

  • Overriding challenge of legislation effecting the development of powertrains
  • A technology roadmap to holistically defined future powertrain technologies
  • Why, what, how: Balance of modularity, ease of adoption and cost/benefit
  • Strategies in the industry: OEM powertrain positioning

Karsten Deubel, Senior Consultant – Commercial Vehicles, Frost & Sullivan, United Kingdom


Driving the E-Mobility Transformation

  • New electrified tool kit
  • New fully connected Volkswagen Ecosystem
  • Achieving economies of scale

Gustavo C. M. B. Alonso, Head of Powertrain, co-authors: Frank Bekemeier, Chief Technical Officer & Michael Lueer, Project Manager Powertrain, all: Product Line e-Mobility, Volkswagen AG, Germany


E-Driveline for commercial Vehicles: The logical Way to gain EURegulations

  • EU CO2 regulations for commercial vehicles by 2025/2030
  • Sustainable urban delivery
  • Different technical solutions, compared with each other
  • A paradigm shift in urban use cases

Klaus Feldmann, Head of e-mobility, ALTRAN, The Netherlands


High-power 48V Battery Pack for mild-hybrid Applications

  • 48V mild hybridization offers low cost route to reduce fuel consumption
  • Fuel saving vs. hybrid system power for a range of vehicles and drive-cycles
  • A compact, high-power 48V battery, tailored to mild-hybrid applications

Dr. Mike Bassett, Chief Engineer, Research & Advanced Engineering, co-authors: Jonathan Hall, Head of Research Projects & Dr. Stephen Borman, Principal Engineer, all: MAHLE Powertrain Ltd., United Kingdom




Electric Powertrain for CO2 Reduction in heavy-duty Applications

  • European CO2 reduction targets for on highway truck applications
  • Improved powertrain technologies to deliver cost effective fleet emissions reductions on scale
  • Implementation of technologies by commercial vehicle OEM‘s in short time scales
  • Required changes to address the huge energy demands of the industry

Ryan Maughan, Managing Director, AVID Technology Group Ltd., United Kingdom


 Interactive World Café Session

  • The need for lifecycle assessment to enable a comprehensive comparison
  • Fall of the internal combustion engine – Is it just an image problem?
  • Methods of Electrification

Networking & Coffee Break


Integration vs. Modularity in 3-in-1 electric Propulsion System

  • 3-in-1 integrated electric propulsion
  • EV performance requirements for volume segments
  • Design & application modularity

Alex Serrarens, Manager Business Development, Punch Powertrain Nederland B.V., The Netherlands, co-authors: Joris Bronckaers, Controls Engineer & Wilfried Appeltants, Senior Mechanical Development Engineer, both: Punch Powertrain, Belgium

II. Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Vehicles


First Zero Emission Drive Technology that beats Diesel

  • Worldwide governments force the automotive industry to cut CO2 emissions
  • Climate change – Customer requirements for new drive technologies
  • The new emission-free hydrogen combustion engine – Sustainable, clean and uncompromising
  •  Comparison of alternative propulsion technologies
  • HICE Applications: Example 12m bus & 18t truck

Ivo Pimentel, Co-Founder, Business Development, H2-Fuel, KEYOU GmbH, Germany


AVL PEM Fuel Cell Concept Car

  • Challenges of developing fuel cell powertrains and integration into existing platforms
  • State-of-Health monitoring in automotive fuel cell systems
  • Solutions for commercial vehicles including modular fuel cell system approaches
  • Required adaptions in operating strategies

Falko Berg, Manager PEM Systems; Matthias Brendel, Vice President Business Field Electrification; Jürgen Rechberger, Manager Global Fuel Cell Competence Team, all: AVL List GmbH, Austria; William Resende, Global Product Manager Fuel Cell Systems, AVL Deutschland GmbH, Germany


End of Conference Day One


At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers

Thursday, November 7, 2019 2nd day

III. Political Environment & Regulations


E-Mobility in China

  • Electrification – seeking international competitive advantage
  • Market & industry trends; OEM strategies
  • NEV Regulatory Framework

Bastian Burrer, Head of Group NEV Products/ Electrification Products, Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd., China


The new EU CO2 Emission Standards for light-duty Vehicles and the Transition to low-emission Mobility

  • Overview of EU policies and regulations regarding low-emission mobility
  • EU post-2020 CO2 emission standards for passenger cars and vans
  • Incentivizing the uptake of zero- and low-emission vehicles on the EU market

Filip François, Policy officer, European Commission, DG Climate Action, Belgium


Europe in the Spotlight: Market Leadership through a balanced Policy and R&D Incentives Package

  • Alternative drives and fuels: Analysis of best practices from Europe
  • What is necessary to stay ahead of other world regions
  • Current European R&D funding opportunities for electromobility and autonomous driving and roadmap to Horizon Europe

Ingo Bunzeck, Senior Manager, Global R&D and Innovation Services, EMEIA Tax Centre, Belgium


Networking & Coffee Break

IV. Alternative Fuels


European Perspectives on renewable Transport from Well to Wheel

  • Analysis of European climate regulations in the transport sector
  • Focus on advanced biofuels and synthetic electrofuels (E-Fuels)
  • Political regulations of how to foster the market development of E-Fuels

Tobias Block, Coordinator of Renewable Fuels, German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Germany


Still charging or already driving? Electric Mobility thought through to the End

  • Importance of the electric drive for intra-logistics, battery technology and charging infrastructure
  • Electric mobility for individual transport, requirements and implications
  • Alternative fuels, environmental impact and required infrastructure
  • Future role of public transport in metropolitan areas

Dr. Kai Ruth, Director Sales & Service Motive Power Germany, Exide Technologies GmbH, Germany




Panel Discussion

The Role of Hybrid Electric Vehicles in future Powertrains – Just a temporary fix or a long-term solution?

Dr. Mike Bassett, Chief Engineer, Research & Advanced Engineering, MAHLE Powertrain Ltd., United Kingdom Ryan Maughan, Managing Director, AVID Technology Group Ltd., United Kingdom

V. Electric Mobility & Individual Transport


Micro Mobility as a missing Piece to reduce Emissions

  • The contradiction of sustainable individual transport
  • No reduction without a sacrifice
  • Minimizing individual mobility
  • An approach to premium micro mobility

Thorsten Schrader, Concept Engineer, Mobility Solutions, Audi AG, Germany


Leveraging electric Mobility via freefloating Carsharing

  • Test area of electric technology
  • Ecological benefits
  • Customer experience
  • Charging optimization

Thorsten Sobe, Business Development Manager Electric Mobility, SHARE NOW, Germany


Closing Remarks


End of Conference

Target audience for the conference

The VDI Automotive Drives Conference is aimed at the following specialists, experts and professionals:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers, with a particular focus on those working in:
    • Powertrain Development & Technology
    • Electric Mobility/ Powertrain Electrification & Hybridisation
    • Fuel Cell Technology, Development & Strategy
    • Hydrogen Business Development
    • Alternative Fuels
    • Business Development
    • Research & Development
  • Start-Ups in the area of electric vehicles and transportation systems
  • Relevant suppliers  & motor manufacturers
  • Consultants & research institutes
  • Political stakeholder & influencer

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