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The VDI Society for Vehicle and Transport Technologies, VDI-FVT in short, has around 28,000 members that are affiliated to at least one of its 8 technical sections. This makes it the second biggest of the VDI’s dedicated societies. VDI-FVT is the community for engineers working in the vehicle industry, as well as for engineers dealing with transport and traffic outside manufacturing industries.

Traditionally, a majority of members work in automotive. VDI-FVT is the German affiliate of the world federation of automotive engineers’ societies, FISITA, and it is the intellectual sponsor of many big conferences on automotive technology and thus fosters exchange and knowledge transfer both nationally and internationally. It also sponsors Formula Student Germany, awarding VDI membership to all German participants, and promotes other student competitions for transport engineers. VDI-FVT has recently reconstituted technical sections for rail and marine technologies, as well as space- and aircraft. It is putting a strong focus on transport and traffic in general and aims to mediate between technology and society.

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