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The VDI-GPP and its technical divisions provide all sectors with verified knowledge on the design of products and processes and their optimization in terms of quality and the time- and cost-benefit ratio.
This verified knowledge covers the entire product lifecycle, from the product idea and product development, marketing and service to recycling using optimized methods, tools and systems, including the necessary information technology.

This ensures the successful connection of market and technology for the purpose of sustainable growth and profit. The VDI-GPP – as the largest technical division in the VDI – provides a platform for specialist discussion and cooperation ranging from the technological state of the art and continuous improvement to trends in development. The task of the VDI-GPP is to concentrate the extensive range of services of the VDI in these fields, display them in summary and constantly improve them. This also includes the lively exchange of ideas with other VDI societies.

The activities of the society are planned and coordinated by an advisory board staffed with decision-makers working on an honorary basis. The secretariat is located in the VDI building in Düsseldorf. Besides the main secretariat, the regional chapters, which take care of the VDI members in their own areas, include work groups active in the field of product and process design.
The VDI society product and process design (GPP) consists of 8eight technical divisions:

  • Information Technology
  • Sales Engineering and Product Management 
  • Value Management and Value Analysis
  • Project and Process Management
  • Safety and Reliability 
  • Vibration Technology
  • Product Development and Mechatronics
  • Mechanism Design and Machine Elements

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The VDI Society for Vehicle and Transport Technologies, VDI-FVT in short, has around 28,000 members that are affiliated to at least one of its 8 technical sections. This makes it the second biggest of the VDI’s dedicated societies. VDI-FVT is the community for engineers working in the vehicle industry, as well as for engineers dealing with transport and traffic outside manufacturing industries.

Traditionally, a majority of members work in automotive. VDI-FVT is the German affiliate of the world federation of automotive engineers’ societies, FISITA, and it is the intellectual sponsor of many big conferences on automotive technology and thus fosters exchange and knowledge transfer both nationally and internationally. It also sponsors Formula Student Germany, awarding VDI membership to all German participants, and promotes other student competitions for transport engineers. VDI-FVT has recently reconstituted technical sections for rail and marine technologies, as well as space- and aircraft. It is putting a strong focus on transport and traffic in general and aims to mediate between technology and society.

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