Consent text for the reception of marketing information

I hereby agree for VDI Wissensforum GmbH (hereafter “VDI WF”) to use the contact information I have provided (address, email address, telephone number, fax number), to regularly send me news and information about current themes related to VDI WF further education trainings as well as notices about current VDI WF further education trainings. This includes, amongst others, requests for feedback for further education trainings visited, suggestions for new themes and requests for updated data, in order to insure further delivery of information in future. The frequency of delivery depends upon the types of further education trainings on offer and the further education trainings I have visited.

To optimize notifications through email, VDI WF checks how frequently emails are opened and which links are clicked.

I also agree for VDI WF to personalize these notifications on the basis of this data and my personal interests. For this purpose, VDI WF may also use the following information that I have provided on the VDI WF website, that are already saved on VDI WF’s customer relationship management system, as a result of a previous contact or a visit at a VDI WF further education training, for example:

  • Personal contact data (such as name, title, company, role/function, country, telephone number)
  • Information about the company I work for (such as address, industry and possibly other publically accessibly information)
  • VDI further education trainings that I have visited and shown interest in
  • Stated interests

I have the right to object to my data being used for this purpose, even partially, by sending an email to wissensforumvdide. I can also stop the delivery of further email by clicking on the unsubscribe link. No further notifications will be sent thereafter. Profile data will be deleted insofar as they are not needed for other purposes, or required to be kept to fulfill legal requirements.