IoT Circles

Quick Start - Fast Facts - Great Impact

IoT CESIS came along with a new interactive format for more discussions and effective networking! In 2018, there was the unique chance to be part of our latest format “IoT Circles” bringing together CESIS participants and involving them into speed networking and impulse discussions.

Get updated and connected!

Our IoT circles helped to get in touch with all of the other participants easily. The circle session took about 30 minutes of time and dealed with interesting IoT topics. There were only a few minutes to discuss urgent questions with your counterpart before moving on and meeting the next IoT expert.

There is no easier way to get connected!

Basic Principles IoT Circles: 

  1. Be fully present and participate at your own comfort level
  2. Listen respectfully and give information in return
  3. Show respect for one another’s beliefs, values, and experiences
  4. Respect and maintain privacy of others
  5. Be open-minded and think outside the box